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Full Version: Nintendo Switch
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So a new piece of hardware announced by Ninty. What does this mean for us gamers who - lets be honest - have probably fallen out of love with the Big N for a while now?

For me personally, I'd love to see a more mature console from Nintendo. The Wii U is great for the family, but theres not a lot for the more hard-core gamer. Hard-core is probably the wrong word, but hopefully y'all know what I mean by that. Interesting to see how this plays out!
That's the market they know and understand. Nintendo consoles have always been marketed as toys. Don't see this changing anytime soon.
Nintendo consider themselfs to be in a different market to SOny/Microsoft. Nintendo will always sell their consoles more as a "Toy". They want their own market which is fine by me - I have owned every Nintendo system since the SNES.
Seems a bit of a slap in the face for those who've already shelled out for a WiiU and it's now obsolete already, but then Nintendo fans must be used to that by now.
Assuming it is a replacement for the Wii U at all. Besides, the proper announcement is coming next year, probably won't see the light of day for about another year after that.
My Wii U is collecting dust anyway. Not a fan of smash and hated hyrule. Having 100% both super Mario bros U and NSM3DW the only thing I really play are Pikmin and Mario Kart. Purchased it at launch, but getting a bit bored of it at the moment, desperately needs some games but looks like they are never going to appear. Cost me alot more at launch too Sad
Be interesting to see what Ninty do with the new machine. Do they stop developing games for the U and push all of the planned ones to their new machine - pee-ing off all current U owners, or do they proceed as planned, bring them out for the Wii-U and then have a dearth of games on the new machine?

I'll still be interested in any case, see so many people complain that it's not as powerful as xbox/ps and it doesn't have the third party games, i couldn't give a shite about that, i don't want another machine i can play EA/Ubisoft dross on, i like the fact all of the games are different, and i'd much rather have six quality games released a year than 100 average ones. Looking at those numbers, if all three machines only had 6 unique, quality games a year each that'd be 18 over the year which would still be more than enough for me. Obviously a few more for diversity would be great, but i've been arguing for ages that the balance of games has shifted in favour of quantity > quality.
Launching globally March 2017!
With 'Legend of Zelda next' releasing alongside the NX, I hoping we'll see a stronger launch line-up than the Wii U had.

I'm still hoping it'll be backwards compatible with Wii U games in some form, if not, then I doubt I'll ever play any of them.
Apart from the NX there's mobile apps for Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing coming soon.
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