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So, let's see which bandwagon Lego has jumped on today Tongue

Lego Dimensions News

So yeah, may as well talk about all the Lego games in this thread.
Holy shieeeet....

As if we didn't spend enough on Skylanders and Infinity already!
There is now a trailer.
Hmm. Think I have my nephews birthday present all figured out!
I'm going to need another storage bag... or more shelves... Or a bigger house. So many figures ^_^
I'm still waiting on a Lego Turtle game.

Until then, plastic bricks never bothered me anyway.
Love Lego but will have to resist this until there are child(s) about as an excuse, buying Lego is a slippery slope as it is.
Pre-ordered already. I'd say it's for the kids, but we all know that isn't true Tongue
[Image: LEGO-Jurassic-World-Trailer-Sick.jpg]

I pondered the question of the LEGO games from Travellers Tales in a recent feature, but I'm curious what you guys think about them. Have you played them religiously? Do you dip in and out or go for 100%? Are there franchises you'd like to see them tackle?

Most of all though I wonder where the whole concept could go next, because at this stage things are feeling a bit stale.
I picked up Lego Batman 2 ages ago in the Deals with Gold and barely touched it. Picked it up again recently and got addicted. Got 100% a few weeks later. I'm looking to get Lego Marvel now.
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