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Full Version: Gears of War
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Hm, tempting to gives my thoughts to that but maybe not Wink
I'd be very happy with that - although it's a little worrying to think it has been almost a decade since GoW was originally released!
Honestly don't see the point, I reckon people might just be getting wires crossed and it's actually Gears of War, but a reboot - not like a major reboot, but just a new series - ie not GoW4. Otherwise why remaster it? Without the sequels suggests they'd do them later, it's just more pointless remastering, Fable sure, it didn't work out very well but the tech gap for the 10 years thing is significant, same for Halo 1 and 2, but GoW still looks great today. Much rather they make a new one, rumours suggest Splash Damage are making it, the studio famed for Brink and Arkham Origins' multiplayer.

Release them all, with 3s horde mode, sure. Take the time say release in 2017, have the new gears this/next year.
Hot off the press - Kotatku have spoken to beta testers and confirmed its a remaster of the original, not a reboot or a Gears collection (at least right now). Boo Gaming.
...and both of which were completely bugged out? Yes them. That was my point, it's a recipe for disaster and completely pointless seeing as the first game is great looking and more than playable today, a remaster wouldn't do anything worth rebuying - it's more in the state of decay/tomb raider/sleeping dogs side of remasters than the GTAV/minecraft/metro/halo side. (Ones which are technical wonders, mightily upgraded by the power or just worth every penny respectively).
I'm quite happy that they are remastering some of the best games from previous generation consoles. I only have the X1 now and it's nice to be able to play the likes of Gears etc if they release them. As long they are priced accordingly. £40 for the MMC was good value but for one game remastered that would seem expensive!
No offence meant Bezza, honestly. Also managed to somehow delete my old post with my update - beats me how that happened.

And I'm not so sure they are games to be replayed - they are very story based, i certainly have never felt a need to go back and the multiplayer entry bar is one of the most extreme around. that leaves those that didn't play them the first time around (those two people should look at themselves hard in the mirror), and any PS3 converts - Let's be honest, that'll be practically no one at all.

Just seems a classic example of microsoft shooting themselves in the foot yet again. Brand new studio, all star team, complete ownership of the rights of the flagship 360 franchise, and what do they do? A remaster.
I didn't mean to sound like I took it harsh, only clarifying that was what I meant, no offence taken or observed.

That's how I feel, they're great games but I think it's only worth remastering if you do all of them, one on it's own just isn't worth it, and at what price point as pointed out? Get the new one out the gate, then release a compilation of them all when it's probably worth doing.
(04-25-2015, 09:21 AM)PTC Bezza Wrote: [ -> ]it's a recipe for disaster and completely pointless seeing as the first game is great looking and more than playable today, a remaster wouldn't do anything worth rebuying

But I think we've already established that most people are quite happy to repurchase old games with a bit of spit shine to them. It'll sell by the truckload and more studios will just go "Hey, let's dig out that game we made a few years ago, slap in the DLC, increase the resolution and call it a remaster."

Maybe I should hold off this gen and just but the GOTY editions that are bound to come out next gen instead. Big Grin
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