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Full Version: Disney Infinity
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Disney Infinity 3.0, prepare your wallets, to the surprise of no one it's Star Wars.

*prepares tb's wallet* we've already pre-ordered it Wink
So it's out at the end of the month. PS3 and PS4 have an exclusive saga bundle which includes a Bobba Fett figure (although at that price you'd be better off waiting for his solo release). I was thinking of getting just the software and a playset, but that turns up £10 more expensive. I should probably get the Vita port of 2.0 first and wait until after Christmas. The only way to get Black Suit Spidey -sigh-
Luckily my son (a Disney Infinity nut) doesnt like Star Wars (except for 'Beepy' - his name for R2-D2). Unluckily he loves Frozen, Olaf and i think Kristoff are also coming with 3.0, along with classic mickey which he also wants.

Told him he has to wait to see what father christmas brings him now - i already know santa has just paid £25 for Baymax - literally not available anywhere anymore - to go with his Hiro.

(sadly, my son enjoys the princesses as much as the superheroes - Elsa, Anna, Violet, Merida, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Queen Maleficient)
Well here is some interesting news. There doesn't look like there will be an Infinity 4.0 Disney are apparently wrapping up publishing console games. They will instead focus on licensing.
The Disney Afternoon Collection is out next month. As many people are already pointing out, seems a bit weird that no Switch version has been announced.