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Looking forward to GC next week which I believe includes footage from Crackdown 2 and Scalebound (amongst very many others I hope!). Will there be another live feed on PtC per chance...?
Crackdown 2? Anyone know what's happening with Phantom Dust? Anyway, there are loads of games that weren't at E3, it should be a good show.
Good point - Crackdown take 2. Not the awful sequel I had completely forgotten about!
(08-01-2015, 04:31 PM)Max Wrote: [ -> ]Anyone know what's happening with Phantom Dust?

Don't expect to see it. The developers were booted off the project and now it's stuck in limbo - nobody's working on it, but it's not cancelled.
Dying to see more of Fallout 4, curious if Firaxis will make an appearance with XCOM 2...even if I'm still feeling the bitter taste of it's possible PC exclusivity!
Yeah more xcom should be there for sure. I want to see more stuff from MS, they have a few surprises if their pre3 talk was worth any salt- they said they had to cut out a few for gamescom. Hopefully one of those is a Halo Reach remaster - as good as backwards compat is I'd love to see the game spruced up a bit, it's the only halo that doesn't really work very well on 360 hardware.

I'd like to see more backwards compat stuff too, maybe a few sneaky bonuses or something? Some more about Mad Max would be nice. Mafia 3 obviously, what with big brothers R* being very quiet (red dead Sad where are you?).

I don't know if there's any PTC stuff in the works, I've just moved house, and everybody else is very busy too.
I'll do my best to keep up to date with what's going on over the period and write about it. If anyone can offer me assistance in the form of writing shit up as it happens and forwarding it on to me so I can proof it and put it on site (with your name on it, obviously) I would appreciate it immensely. Busy time of year for me at the mo but would really like to get back into getting more content up for you guys.
Sadly the timing sucks for me as I'm doing this play thing (have I mentioned?!), so I will try to do some sort of round up this time next week if I haven't collapsed. The livestream stuff would be great but unfortunately I'm not off work this week like I was over E3 so I won't have the time to put it all in motion. I'm sure we'll be able to get up an initial reactions piece to the MS press conference and embed it, providing they put it up online afterwards, which I'm pretty sure they will.

That said, since Gamescom seems to be getting bigger every year, we might need to think about it for next year. I definitely want to get some giveaway prizes for the next livestream thing we do so we can give away free stuff to you guys who come and join us.

In expo-related news, we will be going to EGX and doing some coverage from there, possibly not on the day but we will have to wait and see. It should be a lot of fun though, will keep you posted when we have worked out some plans.
I know it's early, but Scalebound ran pretty rough...
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