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There's virtually no second-hand market for PCs, especially desktops, other than maybe eBay. You'll never get anything near what you pay for it. That month or two extra saving up will pay off because you'll get a lot longer use out of a better machine before needing to upgrade. It took me nearly a year to save up for my gaming PC, but almost three years later it's only now starting to feel less of a beast. All I'll need to do is upgrade the graphics card and it'll be almost like new again.
I suppose I could go for the laptop first and live without games.

Though, one of my friends found this which has less RAM and shit graphics card admittedly - though its cheap and he's offered to help me install a new PSU and better Card (which i could get second hand possibly) when I got them.

gah all this is making my head hut, I dont like decision lol
That's not bad, but getting a decent PSU and a graphics card and a monitor will end up costing you more than the Chillblast in the long run. Might be worth it for an i5 rather than the CPU in the Chillblast. You shouldn't need more than 8GB RAM anyway.
Maybe not too badly, I wouldn't get the card immediately and it has a monitor deal that's still pretty cheap.

This looks good as a general use laptop but the issue being it would severely hit me hard saving for a good tower PC. The ghz is decent but the graphics card isn't up to much gaming is it?
That's a very nice laptop but you're right, it's not much of a gaming machine. Mobile GPUs aren't upgradeable either. Also, I've heard of people burning out laptops by gaming too much, so beware.

It depends how much you value gaming and how long you're willing to wait to be able to play. If you're not that bothered about gaming and prefer the portability, get the laptop. If you really want to play those games, save up for the best desktop you can afford. The i5 Lenovo won't be much use until you upgrade the PSU and GPU, the AMD Lenovo is underpowered for the price, and the Chillblast is expensive but you won't have to do anything to it and it'll last you a while.
hm ok... right i might see if I can get a cheapish laptop this month, and then I'll either perhaps try and save for the Chillblast or get the i5 and upgrade at a later point (like, I don't mind waiting a bit longer to play games - and in the meantime it would be able to run the old disk based games I own lol)
Well, I've ordered my son's system from pcspecialist, so now patiently waiting for it to arrive. Managed to upgrade slightly, and have gone for the i5-4690, but still opted not to take a dedicated graphics card, and will possibly plan on putting one in for his Christmas present, depending on whether he gets bitten by the master-race bug or not...

Rodent, try playing around with the specs on
Trying to fit around your requirements, I could make an i5 system with Geforce 750, 450W PSU, with WiFi, DVD-RW, 8GB RAM and 1TB hard drive for £541, or the AMD version with A10-7850K, with 2GB R7 360 graphics card (ready for DX12) and 550W PSU for £536.

Game-debate analysis of Intel PC vs Armored Warfare above is here
Amd version vs Armored Warfare is here

Once I've received the PC in good working order *touches wood*, I can give a view on how good the company is, but everything looks ok for now.
Well, ordered the PC from on Thursday 20th August, and it has arrived today, exactly two weeks later.
Run through the W10 setup fine, and now looking at the desktop. All components present and correct, so can't fault the supplier.
Was after some similar advise, didnt know if i should start a new thread or just keep this one going?

Need a new pc, want to play latest games 1080/60 and probably have a budget of 6-700 notes (roughly)

Now im thinking of hooking it up to my tv for now (so no need for higher than 1080) but future proofing would obviously be good.

So no need for a monitor in that price, also im not going to include mouse and keyboard in that price, or xbox pad (already have these)

Any advise on graphics memory? 2 or 4gb? Which cpu? Should i go nvideo and intel?

Also any links would be hugely appreciated. Last time i played PC was back when Counter Strike at 1.5 i think.... maybe something like this with the 16gb ram upgrade, and the 960 gtx 2048mb gpu? What would that be like for gaming? Or is the ram too slow? I have no clue. Works out £719 with windows and the ram upgrade
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