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I'm not much help but aiming for 1080/60 for latest games can be expensive. I could run some of the games I have on 1080/30 on my gtx 660 on low settings quite easily, but I prefer to whack the resolution down to 720 and put settings to max, for most of my games (not latest admittedly) I get very good frame rates, and the lower resolution isn't noticable at all due to the better quality picture.

Depends what you're after, basically.
(10-18-2015, 02:16 PM)PTC Bezza Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not much help but aiming for 1080/60 for latest games can be expensive.

Yeah. Just look at the recommended specs for Fallout 4, which you wouldn't expect to be some technically demanding powerhouse game, they want an i7-4790 and a 3GB GTX 780.

Requirements have spiralled since the X1 and PS4 came out, because the 360 and PS3 aren't holding development back anymore. In 2013 when I got my gaming PC, everyone was saying that an i7 was a waste of money. By the end of the year, most new games had i7s in the recommended specs.
Been having a quick look over the weekend and spotted this:

looks to be a pretty decent machine!
Just made my brother a PC with these specs;
CPU: INTEL® Core™ i3-6100 Dual Core 3.70 GHz 3MB Cache
MEMORY: 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3/1600mhz Dual Channel

I know you're probably all erect, but I think it's a good set of specs for a cheap(ish) PC for beginner, I'm not sure the CPU is very good but he should be able to do pretty much anything he wants with them, right?
I'm looking to upgrade my dying laptop (HP Pavillion dv7 Beats Edition that I've had for years) and figured I'd go for a gaming one so that, as well as using it for word processing, editing, etc. I can pick PC testing work up and accept PC review codes I get offered.

I'm looking at the Asus ROG G752VY, which seems to do everything I want. Should accommodate multitasking well (when testing I'd need to switch between two Discord windows, emailed instructions, note-making facilities, surveys, polls and the game - if they aren't looking for audio feedback, then a music player or YouTube as well) and enough power to run the likes of GTAV on Ultra at 75 FPS (apparently), which should mean it's relatively futureproof (even if it stops running games at Ultra in the future, so long as it reaches minimum spec for AAA games for a while to come, ensuring I can test them smoothly and reliably, it's all good).

Seems to be well priced as well, reduced to £1530 from £2000 and comes with a free copy of Forza Horizon 3, a free carry bag, gaming mouse and gaming headset.


17.3" - 1920 x 1080 Screen
Intel Core i7 I7-6700HQ - 2.6 GHz 3.5 GHz Processor
1TB Hard Drive + 256GB SSD
Windows 10 Home 64-bit Edition Operating System
BD-ROM Optical Drive
GeForce GTX 980M Graphics
GDDR5 Graphics Memory
2 year warranty

Thoughts on this from anyone more savvy than me? Can I do better for the price? (I know I could probably build a monster rig for £1500, but it has to be a laptop).
Everything looks great except the graphics thingy. I would suggest getting the highest rated GTX card going, the 1080 I think? Thats the only bit Id research anyway, for future proofing you want the best one as they go obsolete the fastest.
To get the same sort of memory with a 1080 costs about £1000 more from what I can see. I'll still be gaming mostly on console, it doesn't need to be the very very best. If you think the 980 could run AAA games at High & 30 FPS, or Medium & 60 FPS or something, in 3 - 5 years time (rather than today's at Ultra and 60 FPS+) I'd be happy.

Edit: One with similar spec and a 1070 for £2035 on Amazon - worth the extra? Not that it'd really sway my decision, but also worth baring in mind there's no free game or hardware with this one.
the 1070 will last longer than the 980 but its hard to tell how much as they are fairly similar cards though the 1070 is better. I would looking at the trends with my 970, and say in 3 years the 980 would be at medium with 30/60 depending on the game and the 1070 4 years, maybe 5 at a push but unlikely. (I struggle to get 60 on BF1 now on my 18 month old card) if you can get away with testing with low settings then I would go for the 980 as it seems a waste of £500 for an extra year or two but that's me. if you have space or don't need a laptop then a desktop is better either pre made or make it your self as there are often really good deals on individual components especially. you would then every few years only need to spend say £600 to upgrade graphics and cpu instead of a whole system, unless the cpu connectors change then a hole refresh is needed really.
So long as I meet minimum spec (even a little below, as they're usually still figuring them out) I should be able to test the given game. Generally they're looking for people across the spectrum from Low - Ultra to get a good range of feedback.

From what I gather it's more powerful than the likes of my PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, both of which still have the capacity to impress me - as Gears of War 4's campaign with HDR currently is - so I don't see me finding dropping to medium/low in time an affront to my eyes. I just want it to be able to play AAA games without them chugging for a few years, in which time I'll likely have earned the money back by using it for work and can justify an upgrade (perhaps even to a desktop if there's space come then).

I know a desktop would provide better value, but there isn't the space to put a desk at the moment and I generally prefer the portability of a laptop.
Id go for the 980 then, seems the best value and then with low quality being able you should get 4 years out of it, maybe 5 depending how well optimised the games you are testing are.
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