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Now considering the new Razor Blade; costs £1750 and has a much preferable graphics card.

Only downside is the RAM is halved, so would I be able to comfortably multitask on 16GB, or should I sacrifice the graphics and go for 32GB?
hmm, difficult one for RAM. 16gb is enough for multitasking unless you are running a crazy amount of demanding apps as most rarely use more than 3GB. games however are using more and more on PC where 8-12 is currently the average for a high/ultra settings, triple AAA at least. if there is a way you can extend the RAM on this your self then its not a problem as when it becomes an issue you can just buy and extra 16GB, not sure if you can though.

Does look good though and I think you can also get a GPU add on thing for this as well.
You can't upgrade the RAM (not without taking a soldering iron to it, anyway) the stuff I'll be running alongside games isn't too taxing (chat app, internet browser) so I think the 16 should actually be alright in that case?

The Core making it upgradable is nice (if pricy, as the housing is a few hundred quid without a GPU), so I'm starting to lean towards the Razer Blade.

Also eyeing up £250 worth of accessories that'll bag me a £250 headset free as part of an offer!
I went for the Razer Blade, which arrived yesterday. It's lightning quick, much to my delight, booting to a fully-functional state and opening programmes instantly in all of about ten seconds. It's a world apart from my old laptop, which took a couple of minutes to get to the desktop and another minute before anything would work.

Gaming performance wise, I've only played a couple of rounds of Killer Instinct, but it kicks the game's arse! On max settings it gets double the recommended benchmark score, which is quite impressive considering how detailed the characters and stages are, as well as the abundant particle effects.

The one bummer (and it's my own fault, admittedly) is that I thought it came with an internal 1TB HDD as well as the SSD of my choosing, but it doesn't come with a HDD at all. That left me with just 256GB total memory, which was 75% full in a few hours...

Did some research on portable externals and found that if I want to maintain the same speedy performance I'd need to go top-of-the-line with an SSD supporting a Thunderbolt 3 connection. Not too many of those actually exist currently, but I've somehow managed to get Glyph to prompt one of their UK resellers to send me the 1TB model of their Atom RAID SSD in grey before the UK launch. My wallet is a nauseating £435 lighter for the privelidge, but I can at least say I'm the proud owner of the "best portable drive to date" (according to CNET).

The plan is to have system and everyday use stuff on the internal, then games on the external so that I can plug and play with maintained super-fast loading.

It actually worked out for the best; at the cost of a minor inconvenience (having to carry and connect an external) I got the laptop with 1256GB of SSD storage for £2185, whereas getting it with a 1000GB internal (as I would have done, had I known) costs £2350.
Sounds like the Blade is good. that SSD is also insanely quick for 1TB at that speed and price you have a crazy good deal.

EDIT: also did you get the Full HD display or QHD in the end?
I went for FHD. I'm not sure the difference would be pronounced at 14" and I'd rather play with better settings in FHD than potentially drop them for QHD resolution. Battery life is better and the machine is lighter when opting for FHD as well.
After struggling with a four year old £300 laptop for way too long, I decided enough was enough and started looking for a replacement. I got caught up in a tornado of increasing specs like I always do when I'm in the market for a new machine and ended up spending £1200 on this baby:

In case the link expires when the new Intel and Nvidia chips come out, it has an i7 7700hq, 6GB GTX 1060, 16GB RAM and a 250GB SSD plus a 1TB HDD. Yeah, it's a beast and while I spent way more than I should, I think I got a huge amount of bang for my buck.

Unfortunately now I own a gaming laptop, I have to self-identify as a filthy casual:

[Image: 7WXNMir.jpg]
Similar spec to mine (the laptop in that picture), only a good few hundred cheaper by this point.

My Razer Blade still runs like a dream more than 13 months down the line - if your laptop treats you just as well (which it should, in theory) you won’t regret forking out for it.
looks good and for the specs the price seems pretty good. if you don't need a full 1tb or HDD storage try RAIDing it, should get twice the speed.
Okay, now posting from the new machine. Backing up my pr0n files took forever.  Big Grin

@Timmeh I don't think RAID is necessary when my SSD is my system drive. Losing around 250GB from an already smallish 1TB on the HDD isn't ideal either.

@Sam Are you the filthy casual in the picture, too?  Angel

The price was pretty great, I think. I was going to wait until this year's CPUs and GPUs were out, but a similar spec would probably be closer to £1500 by then and I'd already blown my budget considerably. My original intention was to get a laptop that wasn't disappointing (and compared to my cheapo £300 Toshiba from 2014, that's not saying much) and then expanded to wanting discrete graphics, then a decent graphics chip, then ending up with a machine that outperforms my gaming desktop (which was top of the line in 2013).

What's really lovely is because it's a system built by Scan, my system drive isn't filled with shitty shovelware that I'd have to reinstall the OS to get rid of. Since I was looking at some of the mid-range Dell, MSI and Lenovo machines on PCWorld's website until remembering Scan are awesome, that would have been another couple of hours before I could use it properly.

Having a bootable USB flash drive for system recovery is pretty nifty. Supplying the device drivers on a DVD when the system has no optical drive, not so much.
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