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Jesus jumping Christ, the Windows 10 1803 update is a gigantic clusterfuck.

I clean installed it on my new laptop on Tuesday and I've had big problems ever since.

First, Windows Defender kept nagging me about a firmware update for the Trusted Platform Module. This wouldn't have been so annoying if the vulnerability the update fixes hadn't been known about since last October. Another annoyance was actually finding the update file and instructions on how to install it. A couple of hours on Google and many reboots later, it was finally okay.

Second, the UI is laggy as hell. Chrome especially shows a "ghost" window for a second or so every time I close it. The mouse lags during this time as well. Then the entire system locked up when I opened an Incognito window forcing me into an unsafe hard reboot because Task Manager wouldn't even open. Apparently this has been a known issue for a while on Optimus systems that MS didn't bother to look into while rushing out this abortion of an update.

I suppose this is what happens when you don't do any internal QA testing and rely on your users to do the testing for you. If the patches coming on Tuesday don't fix my problems, it'll be June before I update my desktop to 1803.
I’ve had it for a couple weeks now and haven’t had any problems bar it waking up randomly when I sleep it. I guess you just got unlucky this time
I've had no end of problems with Windows 10 but it seems to have been okay the past couple of weeks. Granted, that was after getting someone to work tech magic on it a number of times.
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