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Full Version: Backwards compatible list
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An image of games allegedly to b made compatible has leaked, of course how accurate this is remains to be seen
[Image: 12191617_10153098786336360_1791591207641...e=56B092B4]
There's some nice things there (Halo Wars probably being my highlight), and all the Tom Clancy ones are good (plus we can finally coop Future Soldier Sam). However there's a few weird choices, like some of them are already available on the One remastered and Bioshock 1 and Infinite are there but no 2 is just bizzare.
Hmm, quite odd, better to stick to Microsofts list if I'm honest. We already know that all non-kinect only first party titles will be compatible so not seeing Fable Anniversary, AW American Nightmare etc there is a little odd, I could be wrong, maybe they just meant at a later date, but the way I understand it is they just need to confirm whether to allow it or not - so why not have it at release if all MS titles are already ok'd?

Biggest omissions for me based off that list are Hitman Absolution, Red Dead Redemption and to be honest, Call of Duty.
I call fake. It lists Call of Juarez as "Bound By Blood" instead of "Bound in Blood".
This list has been knocking around online for months. Notice that it doesn't contain this month's GwG, which are confirmed to be playable on Thursday. The official list is being released tomorrow.
I must be one of the few who think the backwards compatibility is a bad idea - a waste of resources and time and a poor direction for MS to go in.

After all the changes and mixed messages from the announcement onwards, what the One needed was a massive push on its own merits, instead we get to focus on the history of games from the last few years.

If I wanted that, I would have kept my 360 and not got a One.
I know they're still adding to it by popular demand but it doesn't make any sense to me to include games like Fallout 3 but not New Vegas, or - more so because they're direct sequels - Mass Effect but not two or three.
They can't do ME2 or ME3 because they can't do multi-disc games yet. Neither game was released digitally on 360 for the same reason.
I see you've all already seen the news. Disappointed Skyrim didn't make the cut. It was my plan to (finally) finish the main story before I got my One but I never got around to it. I was hoping backwards compatibility would help me do that as I don't really want to go back to the 360 now that I've got the One all set up.
It seems that everyone, everywhere was hoping for Skyrim. Didn't Tom Howard say that they don't plan on releasing it as backwards compatible? There's a good chance I'm just making things up again.
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