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Full Version: Sniper Elite
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There's a new Sniper Elite coming soon and you can sign up to win a copy.

I thought the first Sniper Elite was fairly bad. The sneaking was too wonky for a stealth game and enemies seemed able to spot me from miles away. The second was an improvement and I haven't got around to the third yet.

I'm interested in this though, I reckon they've had enough time to fix the majority of the problems.
They were always a bit "meh" in my opinion; love the idea, but the execution has left a lot to be desired. Hopefully this one will be an improvement.
They do seem to be improving. Although I am basing that on only two games.
I preferred the setting and missions in Berlin in V2 but agree the gameplay was more improved in 3. I played the dlc add-on Assassinate the F├╝hrer but can't remember if Hitler only had the one testicle, as that would of been historically accurate lol looking forward to bursting more nazi nuts!
Haha I remember reading a discussion about that on Gamefaqs or somewhere. I believe he had a full set.
New trailer going over some Sniper Elite 4 basics. It's worth watching just to hear an era appropriate accent say things like 'epic longshot'.
A kickstarter campaign has been launched for a Sniper Elite board game.

After reading the press release multiple times and watching the video, I'm still not quite sure how it'll work.