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Full Version: Yakuza
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Although the saga of the dragon of dojima comes to an end this April with Yakuza 6: Song of Life there's more Yakuza goodness coming in the form of Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Anyone else planning on getting these. Tell me I'm not the only fan of the manliest man who ever manned.
I’ve never been too interested - the combat always looked fun, but the rest of the package, not so much.

A recent on the world design made me want to give the series a fair shake, however. Thought about just jumping in with Song of Life but was told I should absolutely start with Zero and Kiwami, then presumably Kiwami 2 now that that’s a thing.

What do you think the chances of PS4 versions of Yakuza 3 - 5 are? I wouldn’t play them on old systems and jumping from 2 to 6 is presumably as big a faux pas as starting at 6?
Most of the Yakuza games are pretty self contained although 6 does deal with fallout from the end of 5. 6 does come with a "Previously on...." digest for the previous games to catch up any late comers. I think 3-5 will show up on the PS4 at some point. Zero really revived interest in the series and if Sega can get the entire Kiryu saga on one machine it would be brilliant.