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Nintendo Switch - eviltb - 03-17-2015

So a new piece of hardware announced by Ninty. What does this mean for us gamers who - lets be honest - have probably fallen out of love with the Big N for a while now?

For me personally, I'd love to see a more mature console from Nintendo. The Wii U is great for the family, but theres not a lot for the more hard-core gamer. Hard-core is probably the wrong word, but hopefully y'all know what I mean by that. Interesting to see how this plays out!

RE: Nintendo NX - Heavyarms_Kai - 03-17-2015

That's the market they know and understand. Nintendo consoles have always been marketed as toys. Don't see this changing anytime soon.

RE: Nintendo NX - bongmaster00 - 03-17-2015

Nintendo consider themselfs to be in a different market to SOny/Microsoft. Nintendo will always sell their consoles more as a "Toy". They want their own market which is fine by me - I have owned every Nintendo system since the SNES.

RE: Nintendo NX - Metalrodent - 03-17-2015

Seems a bit of a slap in the face for those who've already shelled out for a WiiU and it's now obsolete already, but then Nintendo fans must be used to that by now.

RE: Nintendo NX - Heavyarms_Kai - 03-17-2015

Assuming it is a replacement for the Wii U at all. Besides, the proper announcement is coming next year, probably won't see the light of day for about another year after that.

RE: Nintendo NX - bongmaster00 - 03-18-2015

My Wii U is collecting dust anyway. Not a fan of smash and hated hyrule. Having 100% both super Mario bros U and NSM3DW the only thing I really play are Pikmin and Mario Kart. Purchased it at launch, but getting a bit bored of it at the moment, desperately needs some games but looks like they are never going to appear. Cost me alot more at launch too Sad

RE: Nintendo NX - PTC SydTheSloth - 04-03-2015

Be interesting to see what Ninty do with the new machine. Do they stop developing games for the U and push all of the planned ones to their new machine - pee-ing off all current U owners, or do they proceed as planned, bring them out for the Wii-U and then have a dearth of games on the new machine?

I'll still be interested in any case, see so many people complain that it's not as powerful as xbox/ps and it doesn't have the third party games, i couldn't give a shite about that, i don't want another machine i can play EA/Ubisoft dross on, i like the fact all of the games are different, and i'd much rather have six quality games released a year than 100 average ones. Looking at those numbers, if all three machines only had 6 unique, quality games a year each that'd be 18 over the year which would still be more than enough for me. Obviously a few more for diversity would be great, but i've been arguing for ages that the balance of games has shifted in favour of quantity > quality.

RE: Nintendo NX - Slam Shot Sam - 04-27-2016

Launching globally March 2017!

RE: Nintendo NX - Plasma wing - 04-27-2016

With 'Legend of Zelda next' releasing alongside the NX, I hoping we'll see a stronger launch line-up than the Wii U had.

I'm still hoping it'll be backwards compatible with Wii U games in some form, if not, then I doubt I'll ever play any of them.

RE: Nintendo NX - PTC Crisco - 04-27-2016

Apart from the NX there's mobile apps for Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing coming soon.