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LEGO! - Max - 04-09-2015

So, let's see which bandwagon Lego has jumped on today Tongue

Lego Dimensions News

So yeah, may as well talk about all the Lego games in this thread.

RE: LEGO! - Hetty - 04-09-2015

Holy shieeeet....

As if we didn't spend enough on Skylanders and Infinity already!

RE: LEGO! - Max - 04-09-2015

There is now a trailer.

RE: LEGO! - MrkDhn10 - 04-09-2015

Hmm. Think I have my nephews birthday present all figured out!

RE: LEGO! - Hetty - 04-09-2015

I'm going to need another storage bag... or more shelves... Or a bigger house. So many figures ^_^

RE: LEGO! - Plasma wing - 04-09-2015

I'm still waiting on a Lego Turtle game.

Until then, plastic bricks never bothered me anyway.

RE: LEGO! - PTC Decent Jam - 04-10-2015

Love Lego but will have to resist this until there are child(s) about as an excuse, buying Lego is a slippery slope as it is.

RE: LEGO! - Hetty - 04-10-2015

Pre-ordered already. I'd say it's for the kids, but we all know that isn't true Tongue

LEGO games - PTC Decent Jam - 05-20-2015

[Image: LEGO-Jurassic-World-Trailer-Sick.jpg]

I pondered the question of the LEGO games from Travellers Tales in a recent feature, but I'm curious what you guys think about them. Have you played them religiously? Do you dip in and out or go for 100%? Are there franchises you'd like to see them tackle?

Most of all though I wonder where the whole concept could go next, because at this stage things are feeling a bit stale.

RE: LEGO games - Captain Chao5 - 05-20-2015

I picked up Lego Batman 2 ages ago in the Deals with Gold and barely touched it. Picked it up again recently and got addicted. Got 100% a few weeks later. I'm looking to get Lego Marvel now.