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RE: Indie Games - PTC l1am - 03-10-2017

Square Enix will be handling publishing duties for Battalion 1944.

RE: Indie Games - Metalrodent - 03-10-2017

(03-10-2017, 07:52 AM)PTC l1am Wrote: Square Enix will be handling publishing duties for Battalion 1944.

Yeah I saw that, be a bit of a boost for it - hopefully they can add in more of the stuff they wanted too.

It'll really have to try hard to sustain a playerbase though, no singleplayer and entering the market dominated by Overwatch, RB6 and CS. Not to mention there's another CoD 2 HD WW2 multiplayer shooter coming along called Day of War (both look very similar, and both are just US vs Germans - bit boring).

I'm kind of hopeful for it, but with the multiplayer only bit and so far limited content I really hope Squeenex don't make it a full price game.

RE: Indie Games - PTC l1am - 03-10-2017

An offline mode, a single player campaign, Pacific based maps and playable Russian and British forces were all stretch goals that were never met, unfortunately.

Hopefully Square Enix getting involved means at least a few of these might get included in some way, although I doubt it'll ever get a campaign mode as Bulkhead never seemed keen on the idea in the first place.

RE: Indie Games - PTC l1am - 04-04-2017

A quick look at Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 07-09-2017

Next Up Hero coming to Steam later this year with a full release for all systems early next year.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 07-12-2017

Barbaric hits Steam later this year. It's an interesting approach to a co-op game.

RE: Indie Games - Metalrodent - 07-13-2017

"Great gameplay is paramount to the Barbaric experience, and Barbaric is also the most-visually beautiful rogue-like ever created. The world has been waiting 37 years for this game."

Bit of a brave statement lol, the game looks completely brown, the walking animation weird and the hit/aim detection kinda janky (controller would be much better). Stagger mechanic looked quite neat.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 07-14-2017

That was pre-alpha footage but yeah, it's a very brown game. I suppose you've got to sell it though.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 07-17-2017

Brief Battles is a platform fighter with magic pants.

RE: Indie Games - Slam Shot Sam - 07-17-2017

Here's an interview with The Dangerous Kitchen, the team behind Smash Bros.-like Nintendo Switch brawler, De Mambo.