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RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 07-18-2017

JackHammer is explosive dodgeball with robots.

RE: Indie Games - PTC l1am - 07-19-2017

Tower building multiplayer game Tricky Towers is coming to Xbox One later this year, along with a new single player mode.

RE: Indie Games - PTC l1am - 07-20-2017

Marooners is also heading to consoles this year, free expansion that doubles the game's content is available now on Steam.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 08-01-2017

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is a Souls inspired ARPG with a fairly unique levelling down mechanic.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 08-03-2017

Conan Exiles is hitting the Xbox One Preview Program on the same day a new expansion comes out.

RE: Indie Games - MrkDhn10 - 08-04-2017

Colour me intrigued with Conan. Definitely one on my radar, esp as most other games seem to have slipped a few months.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 08-05-2017

Yeah it looks interesting. I think there will probably be a free 1 hour trial which may be enough for me to pick it up.

RE: Indie Games - MrkDhn10 - 08-20-2017

Wow. Conan Exiles can be bought on Game Preview for £30. Have to say that seems pretty steep. A number of the reviews less than complimentary! Think I shall wait for retail.

RE: Indie Games - Slam Shot Sam - 08-20-2017

We were kindly sent four Xbox One copies with which myself, James, Liam and Chris will be venturing online to record some footage tomorrow night.

Will try and share some thoughts on it for you, though, not gonna lie, I expect to just spend a lot of time messing around with the penis and boob physics...

RE: Indie Games - Slam Shot Sam - 08-21-2017

Outrageously there's no nudity on Xbox!

I can see promise here; there's already a rewarding sense of progression in place - we worked up from only having loincloths to our names to having tools, weapon, clothing and a little camp with food on the fire and beds - but it's a complete mess technically at the moment. Freezing, crashes, disconnects and visual and AI glitches are all very prominent.