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RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 10-17-2017

I would be tempted to throw a few quid their way if I was sure it would make its way to Xbox.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 12-12-2017

Ultimate Chicken Horse is coming to consoles.

RE: Indie Games - PTC l1am - 01-05-2018

Furi is coming to Switch next week.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 01-09-2018

The Station launches next month.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 01-10-2018

Omensight is launching on PC this year.

RE: Indie Games - Slam Shot Sam - 01-14-2018

Here's an interview with one of the folks behind Serial Cleaner, one of 2017's best indie games.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 01-22-2018

The final teaser for horror title Past Cure announces the release date of February.

RE: Indie Games - MrkDhn10 - 01-22-2018

I have to say I quite like the sound of Past Cure. Reminds me of a few games from the original Xbox days, plus it’s not often a protagonist gets an everyday name like Ian.

RE: Indie Games - PTC Crisco - 01-23-2018

It kind of reminds me of a PS2 game called Second Sight, which I'm sure no-one played. That could have been a great game.

RE: Indie Games - MrkDhn10 - 01-23-2018

Funny enough, that's one I was thinking of (although I played it on the Xbox)!