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(11-14-2016, 10:27 AM)Slam Shot Sam Wrote: I had just planned to wait until TF2 went free on EA Access, but all the praise and Pro support make me want to buy a PS4 copy.

Visually the Pro version does look good - a lot sharper than the PS4 and XB1 offers but that's unsurprising as neither of those offer even 1080p. It would be an obvious upgrade on a 1080p TV no doubt too.

I have just written up my initial impressions of the PS4 Pro and mentioned that some games that have enhancements feel a bit rushed and Titanfall 2 also falls into that category. Its not a bad enhancement at all and for the most part works as intended. You get an obvious boost to resolution which improves the overall Picture Quality. However if you look closely, some of the textures seem a bit 'soft' as if they are using those meant for 'up to' 1080p. It doesn't affect the game or the way it plays, doesn't really detract from the overall PQ in general but if you do stop and look around, it is noticeable.

This game would also benefit by adding HDR to it - not that it looks poor by any stretch of the imagination. Knowing what HDR offers and the design of the game, you can see where HDR would really enhance everything - from the glowing lights on helmets, the Titan etc, to the big explosions...
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(11-14-2016, 09:40 AM)BAMozzy Wrote: I haven't played all the maps either but none seem to have the same look/feel of the originals maps. Boneyard with its dragons for example. The maps seem far more 'closed' where as the original had so much going on around the map that even if the play space was small, they still felt part of something 'big' (if that makes sense) - maybe that was what the cloud gave Titanfall and now its gone multi-format, its lost all that wildlife and outside map activity.

I mostly played the game on 360 (which didn't have as much going on in the background, if I remember rightly) but from what I played in the beta (or open technical tests) I have to agree the maps did not have the same feel as the original's. I'm still going to get this at some point as I know they improved gameplay after feedback from the tests and I'm curious about the proper single player.
Apparently this will be dropping to £25 in Black Friday deals, at which point I'll probably pick it up. Do a lot of people here have the Xbox version and play online? If so I'll consider that version, if not it'll be one for the Pro.
Plas, Jam, Dan, Myself have it. not sure if anyone else does though, but at £25 it is definitely worth a purchase
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Since Sony gave me a 43 % voucher I picked this up for just over 30 quid. £25 is certainly worth it.
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I'll be playing pretty often if you pick it up on the XB1 Sam.

I'm not shite too. Big Grin

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Just ordered an Xbox One copy for £19.85 from simplygames.
There's a free trial happening now for EA Access and Origins members. Everyone else can get in on it in a few days.
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Titanfall 2 is free to try this weekend to celebrate the release of the Colony Reborn DLC.
So the mystery Titan is finally revealed as Monarch, a reworked Vanguard class Titan with Relic being the new map.

Honestly Respawn have done a bang up job answering every problem the original game had and I feel this game is more deserving of success than any other shooty bang bang game released last year. **** EA for their ruinous business decisions which screwed over this game big time.

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Every time Rei smiles God kills a kitten.

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