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Extraterrestrial Combat (XCOM)
I've had some minor frame rate issues, as I did on the PC version, but nothing game breaking so far. That said, I'm only a handful of missions into the current playthrough.

Out of interest, do we know which developer was on porting duties?
Finally managed to finish the game...only after switching to the standard difficulty though (the shame!) - multiple failed Commander Ironman attempts, furthest I got was skull-jacking a Codex but couldn't keep up with the Avatar counter. Felt a bit OP by the closing stages though, and fully trained Psionic soldiers are awesome!

Anyone up for some MP? Never really played online with EW/EU
GT: HugeHypnoToad
Patch released this week, vastly improves performance Big Grin

Full log if anyone is interested;
GT: HugeHypnoToad
Just watched the latest episode of PTC does XCOM2. So much action, and drama, and the feels at the end. Truly a beautiful episode.
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The latest episode in our XCOM 2 Let's Play is live. It's almost over...
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I watched the latest ep over the weekend, great work guys, very enjoyable watching, keep up the good work!
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XCOM: Chimera Squad is a new standalone game set five years after XCOM 2 that's coming exclusively to Steam next week. It's also currently 50% off, too.
I feel kinda like they whipped something up quick to take Gears Tactics' thunder. Probably not the case, but that's out at the end of the month and is getting positive comparisons to XCOM in previews.

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