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Rainbow Six
This is what, nearly a year after the game's release. Surely there can't be enough people left who really care that much? I mean beyond the core dedicated fanbase that seems to have sprung up the game pretty much lost mainstream attention within a month of release, cronic lack of content being quite an issue.
The game has actually only gotten more popular, presumably through word of mouth now that the marketing has long since died off. Saw some figures a while ago and way more people were playing than at launch.
I mean, I guess they have done a good job of turning it into a competitive scene.

Whether it deserves to have done well is another thing though lol, probably about as much content as Smite at launch for a full price game lol
Operation Red Crow is out tomorrow.
Year 2 season pass now available to purchase.
Operation Velvet Shell is now available.
Operation Blood Orchid will be revealed during the Pro League Finals at Gamescom.
A third year of content is coming.
Siege recently surpassed 30 million registered players across all platforms.
It still amazes me how well it's done. I've gotten back into it a bit recently but there's still not reaaally that much content considering it's three years old now. Compare it to like say Smite, LoL or WoT and there's a lot less characters to choose from, yet is just as grindy and costs actual money lol.

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