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Call of Duty
Call of Duty WW2 announced. Have to say quite looking forward to getting back to the past from the recent futuristic shooters (much as I rather liked the last one). Will be a further reveal this week.
Be interesting to see what they do with customisation and gimmicks, I saw a good comment about being killed by a nazi with a flourescent green STG. You cant really do that with WW2, right?

COD2 is my favourite one, first 360 game with PGR3, if its anything like that its a winner. CoD 3 though? Ewwww.
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
I struggle to remember much about CoD2, just that I played it during a week off school when I'd had my nostrils cauterised. The stuff they squirted up there ran out and temporarily paralysed the bottom half of my face...

I do remember CoD3 was shit, though.
CoD 2 is great, HD remake soon pls.

I'm cautiously optimistic about this new one, issue is it can never go back to the simple CoD of old - it's fanbase expect it to be full of gimmicks and such.
An HD remake would be very welcome! Was the first game (alongside Kameo) that I bought for the 360 back in - gulp! - 2006.
Some images of CoD WW2 have been leaked.
The first 3 CoD games were good for their variety of characters and locations, from US and Brits to Polish and Canadian, then WaW just had the US and Russians. So hopefully this on will be more than just the Yanks.
Here's the details from last night's reveal event. I have to say this is sounding very impressive. The new gameplay features, like no regenerating health and having to use squad mates' abilities for replenishing ammunition sounds really cool.

With this, and Star Wars Battlefront II, my November is sorted. Also, Rodent, they confirmed other nations will be making an appearance in the game, though the focus will still be the main character and his U.S. squad mates.
the trailer for this is pretty bad imo, but I do like the sound of the campaign so hopefully they show something better at E3
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I like the sound of the changes as well, and not just for single player; role-based multiplayer and a hub sound good, as does the switch to a horror focus in zombies.

First time I've been interested in a CoD game for a good long while.

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