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You all remember Smite, yeah? That game about stuff and things. I don't remember either. They've started sending out beta invites though. I can't even remember signing up for it.

I have a spare code for the beta but I probably won't be around until tomorrow afternoon. If someone wants it send me a message or comment here and I'll give it to you as soon I can.
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So in short, Smite is a MOBA, but if I remember correctly the camera is at a much lower angle and closer to your champion than in most, feeling more like a third person action-esque than a top down. I'm not really into MOBAs, and am not interested enough to take part in the beta, but might give it a go when it comes out, assuming it's free-to-play.
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I might be interested, I didn't enjoy LoL much but might prefer something with a controller.

If no one else really wants the code I guess I'll take it, presuming sign up is easy lol
I got my codes as well and I'm looking forward to trying it out. I thoroughly enjoyed the two MOBAs I've played (Awesomenauts & Guardians of Middle-earth), as well as similarly styled games like Monday Night Combat, so I can see myself investing a lot of time in it.
I've sent my code to Rodent. There's no sign-up, I forgot to mention.

I had a go of the tutorial and a practice match. I won with 2 kills and 14 deaths. I think it may be slightly unbalanced.
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Watched a playthrough yesterday and it looked like a bit if fun with friends.
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Is this for Xbox? Can't you buy it now? Am I missing something? Do you still need beta codes? I am so confused?
You need a beta code to access it for free, but you can buy the Founder's Pack (£25 I think and good value at that) to gain instant access without a code.
Well started this up earlier and did some offline practise, seems very LoL so far. Didn't enjoy melee though, you have to get way too close to enemies and ranged heros, sorry gods just obliterate you.
Want to play episode 3 of Life is Strange today, but after that I'll likely be making a start on SMITE and we can get some games in.

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