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The Indefinite E3 Thread for Every Year Forever and Ever
Don't see Dragon's Dogma 2 happening when Dragon's Dogma Online hasn't even launched yet. It's a free-to-play PS4 & PC game - no love for Xbox.

Also don't think we'll see anything Metal Gear any time soon, Konami would be daft (which they are, to be fair) to just jump straight in and not think long and hard about where to take the series. They're fighting an uphill battle agains fans, after all.

Last of Us doesn't need a sequel in my opinion, I'd much rather see a new IP from Naughty Dog now that they've finished Uncharted. Maybe even a return to their roots with a Crash Bandicoot or Jak & Daxter game.

The couple of things I will echo are that I'd also like to see more of Dishonoured 2 and the Resi 2 remake.
I thought dragons dogma online was only scheduled for an eastern release, has it changed? I'd just really like aDragons Dogma 2, maybe incorporating the pawn system with some co op play. Not really an MMO guy.

A last of us sequel is inevitable I think, there's so much potential in the world naughty dog created. Personally I'd like a prequel that takes place in Boston and you play as one of a group of survivors trying to escape the city when the virus is at its peak. I think it would be pretty awesome to come up against other survivors, fighting for supplies. It's hinted at that Joel and Tommy did some messed up shiz in Boston. I think it would be pretty interesting to see Joel and Tommy from another perspective and basically have them as antagonists. Especially as Joel would probably be like a rabid animal at that time.

I wouldn't want a continuation of Joel and Ellie's story in a direct sequel though
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Loved Dragons Dogma but would be surprised if theres a sequel.
Dishonored 2, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Crackdown 2, Mafia 3, Recore, Sea of Thieves... Happy to see anything on those!
Sea of Thieves - I defo wanna see some more on this! With RARE's pedigree (and free from the Kinect focused games) it should be immense!
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I want to see more of Ghost Recon Wildlands as well, and hopefully some NX news. Need to know if it's something I should start saving up for.
What I'm most looking forward to with Ghost Recon Wildlands is seeing how much Bullsh*t Ubisoft had in that reveal trailer and what it will actually play/look like.

Ubisoft are kind of the reigning champions of the bait and switch downgrade
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GRAW was one of the first games me and all the mates used to pass the pad (and bong) around on, but GRAW 2 lost me!

I don't do many shooters, right now BF has my attention - especiallu if rumours about WW1 BF5 are true - so GR would have a lot to do to get my attention!
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I'd love to see Capcom to bring back Onimusha this year, the first and second consumed a lot of my time, I played through them loads. Never played any after that sadly.

With Capcom focusing on their back catalog it'd would be nice to see them revisit this, especially if they borrowed some ideas from dark souls.
Im actually hoping that their PS4 exclusive Deep Down has somehow been reworked into Onimusha as that game has just disappeared.
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I was writing some stuff before and I thought I was really bitter... but is anybody actually excited by any games on the horizon?

I can only think of Deus Ex myself, maybe Mass Effect, but nothing where I think 'oh I can't wait until this comes out'.

Is it just that we haven't seen much of certain games? Or is there just nothing exciting coming out? Opinions?
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
I'm excited for plenty:

Uncharted 4
Mirror's Edge Catalyst
Deus Ex
Mafia III
Gears 4
PlayStation VR
Dishonoured 2
For Honour
Mass Effect
South Park
Sea of Thieves

Probably missing some stuff as well. You're just getting cynical in your old age. Wink

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