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Elder Scrolls Online
About £40 or so seems fair, although I don't know the price of each DLC.
Considering the size of the base game (it's massive), the fact that there's no compulsory sub fee, and the amount of DLC content there is, £40 would be fair enough.
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You can now play without Alliance restrictions thanks to the One Tamriel update.

Also, play anytime between now and 16th December for a chance to win an Elder Scrolls inspired holiday. I think I'd go for the New Zealand one.
Free Play Weekend kicks off tomorrow on PS4, PC and Mac.
Buy and design your own home this February thanks to the Homestead update.
The next big update is Morrowind.
The new Warden class looks good, at least in the video anyway. I'm tempted to give this game another go, it's been a while.
I meaning to get back into it after the Homestead update but I never got around to it and I've since uninstalled it to make space.

One day though...
A new trailer giving us a first look at some TESO: Morrowind gameplay. Looks good.
This is free to play until next Tuesday.

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