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Far Cry
Far Cry 5 is set in America, full reveal coming later this week. It looks like it'll be set in Montana, so still the west, but maybe a modern day version, not the classic wild west setting of the mid-late 19th Century. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
Just received an email on this too. Montana. Man screaming. Okaaaay. I am at least interested in seeing more! Has to be better than Wildlands...
Here's a trailer and some details from the reveal.
Far Cry 5 and The Crew 2 have been delayed.
Considering how good the extended time allowed AC Oriigins to be, I’m okay with this. Hopefully Far Cry will be every bit as good!
The Far Cry x Mondo Edition is available to pre-order.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
Cheers for that - pre-ordered! Have to admit I do quite like the steelcase editions.
Far Cry 5 season pass includes missions where you travel back in time to the Vietnam war, fight alien spiders on Mars and battle hordes of zombies.

It also includes Far Cry 3 Classic Edition, which appears to be a port of the original game's single player content for current gen consoles.
Reviews sounding pretty positive. Antagonist doesnt sound as cool as last few iterations but game itself sounds like one to eat up the weekends!
I bought mine from Ubisoft so probably wont get it until next week - always delivers late to London it seems - but it’s not like I dont have a ridiculous backlog to work through...
From what I’ve heard it’s pretty much just more of the same, which means I’m out. I was hoping for the Far Cry equivalent of an AC Origins-style refresh, having loved FC3 and then found Blood Dragon and FC4 boring carbon copies. I also skipped Primal after realising that was the same thing with a prehistoric reskin.

Jam got our review copy earlier, so we’ll have a verdict on it soon.

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