Elite Wireless Controller
So this bad boy will be making its way into my hands this evening and I'll begin working on a review. Is there anything anybody wants to know, or any specific game you'd like me to play with it and feedback on?

Obviously I'll be trying as wide a range as possible to cover different genres and what difference it makes to each.
I'm considering getting this but wanting to see what other people like yourself think of it before I hand over £120, which lets be honest is a lot of money for a controller. I have the limited edition Forza controller which has the same rubber grip but I'd like to know if the added features are worth it.

What do you think of the build quality, like is it noticeably different to the standard controller, more solid and rugged? (Hoping it does not have the common RB shoulder button fault).

How do the fast firing hair triggers fair? Would like to know this on any FPS, can't see them benefitting any other genre?

Do these controllers require a certain charger or can we use the standard play and charge kit we use with the standard controller?

Lastly are the sensitivity a lot more improved with the thumb sticks and triggers?

I'm sure there's more better questions to ask but would just like to know them for now.
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All noted.

I paid a little under £100 for mine, so still expensive, but a nice little saving.
Well yeah, jus a general thing of is it worth £100 really. Really a good test to do would be to drop it a few times and see how it handles, but I can understand if you dont lol.

And how easy+what are the options available for the programmable buttons?

CoD might be a good one to test, as that's a game of reactions. Also World of Tanks
Dean has it pretty much covered for me.

Other than that, how does the d-pad feel on fighters? I'm currently using the d-pad on MK and KI to avoid thumbstick drift, but I find the d-pad isn't particularly great on certain moves.
I play both those fighters on the existing d-pad, so interested to see myself if they're improved at all.

I don't have a CoD game to test, but plenty of other twitch FPS games that'll do the same job. Saved the two developer configurations for Gears to the memory and will be trying that as my first port of call.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully be getting a review copy of Divinity and can try it out on an RTS style game as well.
I've ordered the Elite One from Game which is basically a One witha solid state hybrid drive and the Elite controller. Hoping not a complete waste of money...
But my One is definitely on its last legs so taking the risk!
In-depth review is up, go check it out.

Spoilers: it's a great piece of kit!
It sounds amazing I just can't justify spending that much on one controller. I do really want one.
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I've got one also, the only thing which I struggle with is the paddles as I like to grip the controller and you can't grip it to tight with them on. I guess it is just me needing to get used to though and I can see they would be usfull if I can. love the hair triggers though.

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