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Hmmm, havnt had that problem but since the latest update me and my mate both get dropped to dashboard on our first load up - after that its fine!

An update last night, mid game, dropped me out and when it finished and I loaded back in 2 Raptors, a Trike and 3 fertilised Raptor eggs are gone - just vanished!

Now that greenhouses have been added to the Xbox version, does placing an egg within one help with incubation at all or are they solely for crops?
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Think they are mainly for crops, we have a pretty big greenhouse built and it helps a lot with the crops for kibble etc.

Took a screen of one of my rexs at the weekdn (I personally have 3 over lvl 180)

[Image: Screenshot-Original.png?sv=2014-02-14&sr...6605aefe1f]
Well that was a long weekend! Me and my tribe mates spent all weekend incubating and raising baby dinos!! (Yes its as cool and cute as you think) We have done 3 baby rex, 1 baby teradon and a baby spino. Takes about 5-6hours to incubate a rex egg, during that time you need to keep the temperature between 32-34degress, You need to do this with AC units and about 10 campfires. It is a constant adjustment and a pain in the ass! Once the egg hatches, you need to hand feet it for about 8 hours, as the baby cannot hold enough food to live longer than a minute or so. All in all it was a hard but fun experience, and we have some super strong rexs. The baby I have raised parents were my 204 female rex and my 215 male rex.

I have added some pictures from the experience, sorry they are off scree, the misses was using the Kinect Sad

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Yeah, I had a nice breeding programme going - a pair of breeding bronto's, 2 pairs of raptors, a pair of carnys 2 pairs of breeding trikes and some argies as well.

Hatched eggs from them all, kept the babies fed until they were 'Juveniles' and able to feed from a trough and placed them in pens. Next day we load into our game and all we have left is the brontos, the trikes and one raptor - everything else has vanished!

Its pretty much killed my enthusiasm right now as its not the first time its happened - tamed dinos just vanishing and after all the hours spent taming them (we usually play with resource respawn rate turned up to 6, harvest amount turned down to 0.3, and taming speed turned up full as well so its a long time getting narcos, feed, then actually taming etc)

So we are now taking a break from it, my other friends are trying to convince the remaining two of us to abandon our non-dedicated sessions and join them on their official server, but I wanted to keep the pvp side of it for release, until then I was happy to mine resources and build etc but it seems if I want the game to actually keep track of my progress I have no choice!

Annoyed right now, lol, all them hours wasted.........
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never had that problem Sad The new update came out which adds alliances, beaver and various other things.

Me and my mate finally tamed a giga last night!

[Image: Screenshot-Original.png?sv=2014-02-14&sr...17dd25d208]

Level 40 male, fully kibble tame with 30 quetz kibble. She is a beauty!

[Image: Screenshot-Original.png?sv=2014-02-14&sr...96e63e04b1]

yes that is a rex and mammoth behind it for comparison of size Tongue

For information on the giga:
while this isn't me raiding, this is 2 of the smaller tribes on our server raiding eachother last night.
I am the one on the tera watching Smile my tribe (420) and NWA are the ones watching, we own the server haha.

Well my tribe (420) and our ally tribe (NWA) raided 5 Allied Brazilian tribes yesterday. Took 4 hours to destroy all their bases and kill all their tames etc.
It started with a gate destroy and foolishly they thought they would be able to smash our tames with their giga lvl 104. Sadly for them my tribe brought 2 of our gigas..... Even though their Giga was completely decimated in a few bites, they though it would be a good idea to rush us under the cover of dark with their rexs...... After destroying two further bases and killing all their tames, we moved on to their siege base which had over 200 X plants, 100 gates, turrets, siege bronto and rex's. After chewing/blowing up half the gates for access, we used our siege brontos as sponges and did a 5 giga rush (420's two gigas and 3 from NWA which joined us later) . (Its rare for tribes to have more than 1 giga if any at all!) What a beautiful sight it was! Finally once we were in and after killing over 300tames in total, we went in for the final kill ..... . None of our tribe members or ally members died once the entire time.

***By the way anyone not familiar with Ark, that isn't the game lagging - Its the species X plants stagger locking the dinos. ***
So, after being stung by my fertilised eggs hatching and vanishing, and other tames just vanishing, I finally revisited Ark the other day and now I'm hooked again!

Seems more stable since the last two patches and stuff (I havnt played it in that long), and the new animals are awesome! I have 2 tame Dire Bears - both have over 1000 health, 1000 melee attack and 1000 weight, with 900 stamina as well. They have replaced my trikes as the 'carriers' of my resources, solely as they can stand up to so much more!

Been trying some caves as well, which is why I'm here, looking for advice as to what I'm doing wrong - First of all I tried an underwater cave - tamed 3 Megalodons and put on scuba gear, went looking for the cave off the west coast of the island (Ark, not Center), thought id found it but before I could investigate me and my tames were killed by a Plesiosaurus (I think I spelled it right).

Abandoned underwater caving for on land variety, and went for the central cave (the one closest to the volcano in center of map) - loaded up on Stims, meat, shotgun ammo etc - walked in through cave entrance and all was good, walked another 5 steps and dropped down dead - nothing killed me, it just said 'You Died'! What happened there?

Thought id try underwater caving again, but somewhere colder so my new megalodon wouldn't be eaten, up in the north west of the map. I swam underwater towards a load of glittering silica pearls, and got Steve Irwin'd by a Manta!

Now, I need to go back to getting metal and cementing paste, remake my weapons and armour, then try caving again but what am I doing wrong?
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Coming to PlayStation 4 in a few days.
Cross play could be a thing for Ark if Sony change their mind.
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