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PS+ Titles
And they were doing so well.
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There's currently a deal on PS Plus, 15 months for the price of 12.

If you buy 48 months you'll get a year free! That must make up for the price hike, right?
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
The PS Plus and Games with Gold titles have been announced.

The Phantom Pain seems like a good shout.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
Just received an email from PlayStation, stating that monthly PS3 and PS Vita games will no longer be offered with PS Plus starting in March 2019.

It's a little disappointing but given that Sony haven't offered anything worthwhile in a long time for PS3 and Vita, nothing of value is really lost.

It definitely shows up the difference in approach between Sony and Microsoft. PS3 and Vita are clearly dead to Sony at this point, while Microsoft have made the 360 (and even the original Xbox to a lesser degree) just as relevant as it always was with Backwards Compatibility and X Enhanced 360 titles.

PS Plus being more expensive than Xbox Live and with less being offered for your money, I know which company values my custom more.
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I got that as well. I can’t say it’s something that bothers me at all as I always ignore the PS3 and Vita stuff anyway - hell, I even ignore most of the PS4 games.

Next month’s PS4 offerings are actually great (Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank), though I do already own them both so won’t benefit. Makes you wonder whether that’s perhaps an apology or a move to add more value to the PS4 offerings following this news.
Hopefully the last of PS3 and Vita titles strengthens the PS4 titles from now on at least, I'm surprised that the Vita got killed at the same time as PS3 though.

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