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Telltale Games
Was bought Batman on disc and have just tried to play it... but it tells me I need to now pay again and download it, i.e. that buying the disc does not actually give you the game!!
I've heard conflicting reports, some saying it comes with a code for the season pass and others saying the disc itself acts as the season pass. Is it not even giving you episode 1?
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No code in the box. Had already bought episode 1 so that one is accessible.
Think it was pretty cheap so not too bothered from tht angle but it is annoying.
I've found a few similar complaints but they are from when the disc was first released and apparently the issue had been fixed.

I would try hitting them up on Twitter if you have an account.
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I'd say you need to delete the episode that you already had downloaded. Probably some sort of conflict with having both versions. The disc acts as a season pass and all episodes should be accessible without any need to redeem a code.
Unfortunately that doesnt seem to work. Buggrit. No more Telltale on disc for me!
First Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was released today, opening episode of the series arrives next month.
Episode 4 of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is out next week.
Finished first episode of Guardians and seems okay. Technical issues but, well, its Telltale! Have also bought season pass for Walking Dead so hope to play that next weekend.
Telltale have something to announce at Comic Con this week, but it's probably not going to be The Wolf Among Us. All signs point to Batman.
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