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Desert Island Downloads
In a brand new feature following a format we definitely didn't steal from somewhere considerably more famous, Crisco has written all about what games he'd take to a desert island and why...

Drop your own suggestions here.

Big Grin
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First off would be V-Rally 2 on the DreamCast - not really been one for rally games, but this was exceptional and had one of the best create a track modes I have ever used!

Then it would be WWF No Mercy on the N64 - I loves my wrestling games, last 2 iterations have been steps closer to this masterpiece, but for the best wrestling experience with months of fun, its this!

Lastly, it would have to be GTA V - what better game is there to just pass the time?

All this assumes I can actually play the games, if not then at least the older titles come with booklets (remember them) which I can read, and GTA V has a nice map! Big Grin
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Hmmm, tough choice - I'd be tempted to go:

Halo 3 - I would have no problem at all replaying the story for this again, and again, and again. The levels, weapons and design of the game all just fit so well, and if the multiplayer still somehow worked on an island then even more joy as it was gimmick free solid battles, with the silly modes and forge available to those who wanted it. I so nearly said Reach as that had more to do, but 3 still stands the test of time for me.

CoD 4 - Yes I'm advocating Call of Duty, but this was back when the series still had it's simple MoH charm, and then took that and brought it into the harsh grim reality of (... wait for it) modern warfare which was totally new for 13yr old me. I've played the campaign through probably more than any other game I own and still manage to see little things happening I've missed - the variety and pace of levels make the game feel longer than it is too, unlike the constant action the series has become. Plus the cheats add an extra layer of silly replay value. The well designed multiplayer maps also still stand out, far more than recent efforts.

Pokemon Sapphire - Must. Keep. Battling. Ok the 'story' for this is pretty short, but when it comes to time wasting for an ultimately pointless goal Pokemon has to be up there as one of the best, there's the constant feel of wanting to improve you 'Mon and be unstoppable, and of course the looming task of completing the Pokedex. The Alpha 3DS re-release would be the ideal choice, given the extra content albeit lacking the charming retro visuals.

Fallout 3 - Limited endings aside, there's just so many things to see and do in this. And while it's less sophisticated than recent Bethesda titles it still has such a bleak charm to it that I'd happily continue to sink the hours into it.
Metal Gear Solid 1-4 obviously

GTAV/Red Dead Redemption

Bethesda games collection

Xcom 2

Yeah Ive cheated...
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
Some unexpected titles there! I suppose it's not just about shiny graphics after all.

That was some good cheating, Bezza. I wish I had that idea.
I intended to post this last week, but forgot. Apologies.

Hetty was banished to PTC Island with only a handful of games for company.

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