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Fighters Thread - Down at the SLC
Samurai Warriors costumes coming for DoA5 LR
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(03-11-2016, 01:40 PM)Slam Shot Sam Wrote: A leak today makes it look like General Raam from Gears of War will be joining Halo's Arbiter and Battle Toads' Rash in Season 3. I may have a new main!

I'd prefer Skorge myself, never liked Raam. If Raam does indeed make the cut, I expect to see some Kyrll based attacks in his move set.

On a side note: Arbiter and Tusk both received a proper trailer for those than missed them.

Sneaky double post.

Killer Instinct season 3 is now out, unfortunately it requires a 21GB update, so it looks like I won't be playing it until this time next week.

Here's the launch trailer with a Mira, Gargos and new Shadow Lords mode tease.
21GB? That's nothing. I'm currently downloading 120GB+ of Quantum Break, so I'm fully expecting a phone call from my ISP asking if I've turned my house into a Starbucks.

Should pick this up soon so I can get beaten with the new characters thanks to the crappy clicky d-pad on the One controller. Sad
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Katsuhiro Harada, producer and voice actor for Tekken, has announced that Tekken x Street Fighter is on indefinite hold! Sad

Apparantly its because of forthcoming releases of Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5, and not wanting to split the community or something!

Not to sure how they think the crossover would split the community, surely separate releases of the individual franchises is splitting the community - not one which clashes them together!

I'm gutted by this, I havnt been as stoked for a fighting game in a long while!
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Mira is out as of today.

Hopefully, with 3 left to go, she won't be the only original character in season 3.
Yeah so apparently NR are working on Injustice 2.

What do I want from it? (Aside from a more competitive SHAZAM)I don't really know. Will go with MOAR characters and better net code.
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I know what I don't want.

The return of Lex Poothor. *shudder*

Expecting better netcode from Netherrealm is pretty close to the definition of insanity.

I want more fairness in costumes, Black Adam got no extra costumes at all and Batman/Green Lantern/Wonder Woman had loads. Also I don't want Batman to be the "hero" of the story again, either. Or Superman for that matter. Aquaman is clearly the best choice, because he's pure awesomeness. A speaking role for Boris the shark is a must, too.
GameFAQs users are 80% trolls and 19% stupid. - hyjinx17
Aquaman had mad sharks.

I would wager that Darkseid will be in there.

I've not got much to add apart from some very recent job ads from NetherRealm studios.
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