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Ghost Recon Wildlands
(03-20-2017, 08:52 PM)MrkDhn10 Wrote: Unfortunately it is yet another Ubisoft disappointment for me. Technically, hugely impressive. Ridiculous sized map and looks great. Just a shame not huge mission variety, substandard vehicle handling and boring combat. Seriously - developers who still have instafail missions, timers etc?! Ugh.
Sure I will finish it one day but even the less than stellar scores of Andromeda sound superior to this rubbish.

Are you playing solo or with others? I was underwhelmed at first, but I've been having a lot more fun in coop.
Here's James' review.
Did Jam confuse Jack Reacher and Sam Fisher or am I just missing something?
I see no mention of Jack Reacher... Wink
Narco Road is out today for season pass holders.
There's an open beta taking place soon for the upcoming PvP mode, Ghost War.
I got back into this recently and was glad to find they've fixed the helicopters. So much easier to fly now.
The Ghost War open beta takes place later this month.
You can play this for free this weekend.
A free Predator inspired challenge mode is coming to Wildlands tomorrow.

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