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Was just watching Major Nelson and see that Bulletstorm is heading to the One in April. Rather cool pre-order is that you can play as Duke Nukem with full, new dialogue having been recorded.
I loved Bulletstorm so - hopefully! - this release will help finance/convince of need for a sequel.
It was announced back at The Game Awards, Gearbox are handling it under their new publishing arm. I enjoyed Bulletstorm, but I'm not sure I did enough to pick the remaster up and play it again. Maybe if it's really cheap.
Here's a launch trailer for this. I also enjoyed the original, but agree with Sam that I don't feel any real need to play it again.
I suspect it will lower in price fairly quickly, but I really want to play through as the Duke Nukem character so its a day one for me!
Was good to play and finish this again, albeit this time as Duke NUkem. Cool game. That said, I totally understand why most people wont buy it again. Am mainly hoping its to help finance a sequel...

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