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Xbox One X
That is nearly word for word what was happening with my X. A reset fixed it but as it was still under warrant so I thought I would get it replaced. Amazon were better than excellent, sent me a new one in the post and gave me 30 days to return my faulty unit. They even collected the faulty one.
I think I can only assume my X is fucked, the 'there is a problem with your saved games' thing still pops up (despite clearing aves, power cycling and a factory reset (keeping apps). It's now telling me Bioshock 2 is corrupted and won't respond... [edit] Oh good now it won''t turn back on either (or rather its on but the screen was black and eventually come with the startup error menu - looks like another factory reset due)
[update 2] ok the something went wrong page has frozen... nice that this thing cost £450
[update 3] can't even factory reset the console, it errors when you try and start...

Will Amazon replace on the grounds that it's clearly not right? Relatedly how would I contact amazon to request a replacement? I ask because Amazon's return page just tries to get me to talk to a tech support which won't help when I've tried all the fixes.
Couldn't you also get it repaired under Microsoft's warranty? My old Xbox One used to cut to black all the time, I just always assumed it was a problem with my TV or HDMI cable.
Well true, how would I even go abut doing that though? xD Obviously I'd have to send it off, but as it's less than a year old I presume it would be free.
For Microsoft go here;

I should think you'd be out of the Amazon 'return and exchange' window by now.
Yup issue came up again,hard reset the console and console ded with same xbox error boot message.

I could do a full factory reset and delete everything, but what's the point I may as well just send it to MS.

Any idea on their prices and how long it takes? I'll look at the process tomorrow anyway which will tell obviously.

Whats more annoying is my original xbox one seems to be kaput too, updated it and it just blackscreens upon booting... Can try a offline update for that too but it doesn't bode well.

Looks like I might have to resurrect my Wii and try and finish some Gamecube games...
Given that what you've described is either hardware or software fault, I should think it wouldn't cost you anything for a standard repair or replace. Probably looking at about 7-14 working days to be sorted, could be quicker, but that's usually the quoted repair time.
I experienced a worrying few seconds of black screen the other day, hopefully it's not the beginning of the end.

Also, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is coming to Xbox One next month with One X enhancements.
Not sure where to put this but I'm glad I abandoned Microsoft although I can see others following suit.
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MS have said this doesn't actually apply to Xbox and that it is staying the same on Xbox
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