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Anyone planning to pick this up when it releases next month? Tower defence (though that's really oversimplifying it) game from Epic that they've been working on for about six years.

Looking very much like my thing, but imagine it won't be that much fun going solo.
Looks pretty good. I'll keep my eye on it.
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I've been in touch with Epic about this one, so we may have some more coverage on it in due course.
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The pre-order bundles are a bit silly, there's one for £125!
Players are reporting that cross play has been enabled between Xbox One and PS4 in Fortnite.
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PUBG developer has hit out at Epic for 'replicating' its gameplay.
Yeah I'm not convinced PUBG has much of a point here. This is what happens, a format gets popular and it gets replicated and iterated repeatedly. From what I could tell the battle royals mode is not the main offering of fortnite so it will just be a mode built on however it actually plays.
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Considering PUBG wasn't even the first game to do it (it just popularised it) and the mode is based on a series of films, I'd say people in glass houses...
May as well sue every game that has a free for all mode lol.

Also considering the 'genre' is now called Battle Royale he should really think about how much credit he tries to claim.
Epic seem to have blundered into a legal minefield with this game.

Suing a 14-year-old and naming him publicly? Claiming loss of profits on a free-to-play game and copyright infringement because they didn't like what he streamed?

Hopefully there'll be some clarification of the legal status of EULAs because of this.

EDIT: Apparently it's not so clear cut. The kid was allegedly involved with the website selling the cheat mod and his stream was tantamount to advertising the mod. Also a lot of what the mother says in the letter is quite misinformed legally. Whether Epic want to eat the bad publicity from suing a child or not remains to be seen. I hear the game is close to being completely ruined by the cheating, so I guess they're getting a bit desperate.
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