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The Final Fantasy Thread
(03-31-2016, 01:57 PM)Johnbhoy69 Wrote: Was beginning to think I was the only one excited for this, Just getting round to watching the event now as had to work early this morning. Greg Miller is kind of ruining it for me, he's making it feel like a pantomime. Do people actually like this guy?

Yep, I do. think the whole KindaFunny thing they do is pretty good.

Can anyone see the presentation on demand as I had a quick look earlier and can't see it and wanted to check it out. never really been that into it but it does look pretty cool.
Thoughts on the demo? I'm not big on the battle system. I liked FF when there was an element of strategy to the fighting, deciding whether to heal or hope to get one more cheeky attack in. I can't say I'm a fan of the 'hold B to win' thing that it's got going on.
ive seen this now and have to say that Greg & Tim were not there normal selfs, guessing they were highly scripted.

It has made me interested though. gonna give the demo a go
The demo is a nice treat for those of us dying to get our hands on the full game...but it's a tech demo with a slice of the final version of the combat at the end. The weather and day/night cycles look nice and carbuncle is a fun companion. A cuddly toy of him/her would sell millions. There's barely a story here, just some tidbits of info about noct and his father.

I like the combat, though I wish Square Enix would give up on this whole auto battle thing they've got serious wood for. Those complaining about the battle system, wanting it to be more like the old strategy focused days need to take off the rose tinted glasses and look hard at the earlier games. In all PS1 era FF games you can win every battle simply by spamming your basic attacks and using your limit breaks etc. Strategic... Not even close.

I'll admit that when playing those games I did think you needed a strategy but going back now as a 29 year old man and playing those games I can see that all you need to do to win is spam attack and heal occasionally. FFVIII had a game breaking Tatic... Once you get your hands on the Meltdown spell which lowers physical defence all you have to do is cast that on the enemy, then cast Aura on your character (a spell that allows you to use limit breaks indefintiely for a amount of time without the need of having low health) then using squalls limit break Renzokuken.  It devastates enemies and as a result all strategy is gone. Spam this in nearly every battle and you won't have any trouble.

Taking a more action orientated approach is what square Enix need, According to destructoid XV needs to sell 10 million copies to recoup the development costs. Alienating players with a turn based strategy orientated battle system would sink XV before it even releases as not everyone is into that. Basically they need the trailers to show flashy action based combat to rake in sales. I do think/hope that There will Obviously be secret powerful monsters throughout the world of XV that will require serious strategy to defeat, whether that be tweaking equipped weapons/accessories etc.
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I'll admit the last proper FF game I played was FFVIII about 10 years ago (I never got far in FFX and I'm not counting XIII, it's... it's a weird game) and I did find it fairly easy, even without spamming Meltdown. By the time you've got all the GFs the difficulty is drastically lowered.

FFVII though I found to be a lot more balanced. I never could defeat Sephiroth at the end of the third disc. I'll play the remake even with the more action-oriented approach but mainly because I have fond memories of the original and I want to beat him for 11 year old me.

My gripe with the new system comes from FFXIII-3 (I think); the whole changing costumes to have different attacks/spells was not my thing at all. I went into the demo expecting very little, and very little was what I got.

I never got to use Carbuncle, a prompt did show up near the end of the boss fight telling me to press one, or possibly both, of the bumpers but I killed him before anything happened.

Give me a Final Fantasy with an outdated ATB gauge and a Resident Evil with stiff controls and a very unhelpful fixed camera angle and I'm happy!
What happens when you press both bumpers is like what happens in one of the very first trailers we saw back in 2006, multiple swords appear around noct and as you attack the swords also attack inflicting more damage etc. Maybe there's more to it but that's all I discovered.

I Hated XIII-3 and the XIII trilogy (I will argue that XIII-2 is the strongest and more enjoyable though) it's a laborious chore to play, never ending fetch quests and an utterly stupid storyline, some say the combat is its one saving grace but it's just a reworked paradigm system from the other XIII games. I don't see many similarities with XV combat though, if anything it feels a lot like Kingdom Hearts 2 combat.

It starts of with a very basic combo that you use to defeat most enemies and as you level you get more attacks to add to the combo as well as more powerful attacks to use in general. I'm excited to see what a fully levelled character can do in XV.

The only thing I'm concerned about is the frame rate, I played the demo on my PS4 and quite often you could clearly see the framerate dip drastically. I'm planning to buy the game on PS4 as its kind of been collecting dust since I got it. I just hope these framerate dips don't affect the main game as much
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I'm tempted to give it another go, just to try Carbuncle out.

I played on Xbox One and noticed slight drops in frame rate, mainly while in vehicles, but not enough that I thought it could be an issue. I would expect the full game to perform better though.
Paul pre-ordered this straight away (reluctant to tell me which edition, which probably means the expensive one...) yet I, by my own admission a Final Fantasy nerd, remain unconvinced. I agree with Crisco about the battle system. Yes, there are ways to exploit a turn based system to make it a cakewalk - but they only lose the strategy element if you choose to use those exploits. Nobody makes anyone spam Renzokuken to get through boss fights, you have to choose to do that.

Having replayed VII when it was ported to PS4 recently, again, I disagree that there's no strategy involved at all. At later levels, perhaps, with right materia set-up you can just spam attack, but that's certainly not the case for the majority of the game unless you're massively over-levelled.

The whole demo to me felt a bit like Kingdom Hearts. Which isn't a bad thing, by any stretch of the imagination, I'm just not sure it's what I want from it. I probably will buy it day one, I'm just not as hyped for it as I feel I should be.
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The new combat system really isn't sitting well with me, and I'm trying so hard to like it, I really am!

(I don't think I do though)

The excuse of turn based being easy to exploit doesn't sit well with me either as a reason for changing it - as Hetty points out that essentially comes down to player choice! No, the reason it doesn't sit with me as an excuse is it just sounds like lazy developing - there are loads of turn based games out there that you cant spam one OP attack on, or one OP build - I refuse to believe they couldn't balance it out!

The combat system to me feels very poor, and this makes me sad, and now I have to consider if I can stomach it for a full game and if not, cancel my pre order! Sad
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To be fair to FFXV, both demos have only shown a little taste of the combat. Seems unfair to be writing it off to some extent before you've had a proper experience with everything it has to offer.

At least we are being given the choice here to actually input battle commands manually, remember the gambit system from FFXII...the game basically played itself once you had a good set up in place... The Auto battle from FFXIII... It was like square Enix didn't think us competent enough to input our own battle commands for a significant number of years.

Personally I like it so far, I'm eager to see if the story holds up though.
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