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Rumours and Speculation
I do think that the other components will get upgraded as well but that it is not final and they are experimenting with different hardware. They did lock down the One paces till August the year that came out so plenty of time to make other changes
But with all these upgrades, wont the price end up in the region of £600/£700 or more?

Then there are the rumours about the scorpio shipping with Oculus Rift - doesn't Oculus require 2 screens at 1080p to run simultaneously? The One would need a hefty overhaul, which would be pricey, to be able to run Oculus - not to mention the increased cost for the consumer for the extra hardware shipped with the console. Would it be unreal to say the price, if Oculus rumours are true, would be closer to £800 - £1000?

This then raises further speculative questions, such as with the rapid improvements in technology will 3 to 5 years now be the standard 'life' for a console, and if it is will be expected to pay close to £1000 every new generation?

[On a loosely related side note - Does anyone know what Phil Spencers remit is at MS? What he can do and not do, what he can change or influence etc? I ask as only a few months ago, as rumours of PS4.5 gathered steam, he came out and said he isn't a fan of mid generation upgrades which is exactly what these 2 new consoles would be]
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Everything is according to rumours though. I personally bought an xbox in 2002 (been out 6 months in UK) then upgraded to 360 in 2005, generations are usually much shorter, arent they? Like 4-5 years. The 360 gen was way too long, I would hope for a shorter gen myself, remember phones are about £600 and are updated every year, we dont have it bad at all, could be much worse.
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
After giving it some thought I think they're leaving it too late if anything.

From the community round-up I'm currently writing:

"As ever, I'm open to upgrading, but with the console said to be releasing in late 2017 I can't help - perhaps controversially - feeling it's being left a little late. By then I, and many others, will have already upgraded their PS4 (if the Neo rumours pan out, as they likely will) and have invested in PlayStation VR. If Microsoft are to launch their equivalent a year removed, it's going to be a much less new and exciting prospect."
Just to expand my point, Im all for hardware revisions, considering the x86 architecture or whatnot means that basically the 'next console' generation would most likely automatically be backwards compatible, the next console 'xbox two, four or whatever' would merely be a hardware upgrade anyway?

So these smaller upgrades,if true,may mean that we wont need to buy a console again? An Xbox One. Cheap upgrades every few years would work out cheaper for the consumer surely, and have a larger customer base, with games back and forward compatible?

I look forward to e3 for more information.
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
Well the slim this year at it's core is just a slime with only HDD change. My guess is it will be priced very aggressively low, like sub£200 low. This way they can spin this in a very positive way. Cheaper than PS4 & neo. Great games, back comp at etc.

The Scorpio for me is not a 1.5 upgrade. The rumoured change form 1.32 to 6 teraflops is pretty darn ridiculous. It would definitely be a true "new" console, not a mid gen upgrade.

Phil spencer is the head of Xbox so has final say on what Xbox as a brand/ business does. Only Satya Nadella can overrule really but why would he when Phil is doing a great job, think this is pretty unanimously agreed.

I can't see the oculus being bundled as the price would be extreme. And while this would chuck the price up, I would be surprised if it was more than the One. If it is very few people will actually buy it.

What I do think is now the cat is out of the bag. Phil/ MS need to be honest at E3 with the slim and say that next year the new Xbox will be out. If the slim is cheap enough then sales won't be effected much and it also helps to great good will with consumers which is will be crucial with this change. Personally this change entirely depends on the messaging at the E3 conference, the One launch shows it is very difficult to recover. I also think either MS or Sony will balls it up, most likely Sony with the Kore of a half upgrade.

Still, gonna be a very interesting few days and weeks ahead. It could be the determining factor for if consoles can change to a more phone like system.

Ignore the typos, on phone as website blocked at work and it won't let me edit, I'll tidy it up at home later
With all these upgrades and hardware revisions what's the bets Nintendo release yet another console that is lagging behind it competitors come the NX release.
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Apparently Nintendo NX is more powerful than a vanilla PS4 but not as much as the Neo so should be fairly decent
Loving all of this discussion first of all.

I think there is a big market for streaming devices, which is another big rumour for what this year's new Xbox Hardware might be, and anything which opens up the brand to that sort of audience is interesting - but I can't see customers like my parents, for example, expecting the Xbox brand to be anything but 'a toy for children'.

I am definitely open to new hardware. I use my Xbox constantly as the hub of my multimedia entertainment - which is why you'll see me most often on Netflix and the like when I'm online - and that's even though Netflix is offered as part of the Smart TV options of my TV, and that's because of the user experience you get (voice commands and all).

4K isn't something which matters to me at the moment, as I only have a standard TV and no space (or certainly money for an upgrade), but to get something which was 4K ready for the future would add to the list of reasons to make it a sound investment. I think VR support is pretty essential for MS in terms of making it an attractive proposition to upgrade, but I agree that sticking the Oculus in the box seems unlikely from a price point of view, maybe some sort of deal for a discount because of the companies' existing association?

Whether or not this gamble pays off very much comes down to timing. If they do release one device this year and one next year, it makes business sense to space out, but I also agree with what Sam said about the fact that they will feel pipped to the post by Sony. If the rumours are 100% true, which is unlikely, then Xbox might finally be (technically) more powerful for a change, which will give them an advantage they haven't had for a long time, but giving Sony a one year head start effectively wastes that - not to mention how much graphics power could move forward in a year.

I'm surprised that Xbox haven't made more of the potential of cloud computing in a way, but I suppose there was such a backlash to the always online element at launch why would they pursue all of that?

End of the day all of these rumours sound interesting and there's only a couple of weeks to wait until we know a bit more. I'm more excited for E3 than I have been for a while.
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The problem with cloud computing and streaming is that the worlds network infrastructure is not designed to cope with it and latency times are therefore in the few hundred milliseconds which is poor and not really that playable. only really basic tasks can be handled by the cloud like Titanfall AI. I do like the sound of the streaming device though. interesting to see what it is.

I think timing is not so important in that as the NEO is this year almost certainly, if MS come out at E3 this year and say "this is what we think the system specs will be" etc, as long as it is more than the Neo then I think a lot of people will be willing to wait a year to get it.

I do think MS has to talk about the Scorpio this year. if not they will never catch up.

More rumours today as well that a large EU developer is making an Xbox "Scorpio" VR game to release late 2017, it will also be a PSVR game apparently. If this is true I guess it suggests heavily that the Oculus deal is already done. Unless MS have made their own.

Anyone have any ideas what the controller update might be this year? for me I am struggling to think what can be improved over the current design, especially the elite controller. the only this is put metal plates back in the analogue sticks instead of the fucking awful plastic ones we have now. even my elite has huge dead zones because they break/warp incredibly easily. 360 had them. id be happy to pay an extra £5 maybe even £10 for that.

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