Assassin's Creed
Really enjoying this but, dayum, this is one huge map that have barely scratched! Highly unlikel6 will finish it before Red Dead, Call of Cthulhu etc later this month but is definitely VfM!
This was definitely on my radar after I finished up Wildlands a few weeks ago. 

I'm almost done with BOTW too, so I'm in the market for another RPG that'll take me a year or so to complete.

Torn between this and RDR2. Might just have to get both.
Have you played the Divinity Original Sin games? Great RPGs, absolutely massive worlds, and the first is probably quite cheap by now.
Never tried them, no. It looks like the first game (Enhanced Edition) is still around 30 euros, so might have to wait for it to drop a little more with all the other big stuff releasing soon.

In the meantime I've got quite into Forza Horizon 4, a title I probably would never have given the time of day had it not been included in Game Pass. 

Great fun so far, looking forward to the Halo mission.
Finished this evening albeit with a few achievements to clear up. The combat definitely felt weaker than last years iteration but the game world, quests etc never felt dull so gets a thumbs up from me. Daren't check how many hours I spent on it but thoroughly enjoyed my time there!
Odyssey's first story expansion debuts next week.

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