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Below has been delayed indefinitely -
That's a shame, but still props to them for being honest that it wasn't ready for release.
Christ, that game was released at E3 2013 and it's still being delayed. I understand they need more time but wow.
The Phantom Dust remaster releases for free on Xbox One & Windows 10 tomorrow. Nice little surprise.
Aye, a very nice surprise, especially since I was grabbing it anyway.
Just finished The Solus Project, which have finally got around to about a year after initially bought it. An exploration/survival (at least initially) game which takes a decent amount of time to complete. Considering the development team was so small (five I believe), not at all bad. A little obtuse at times and I am never a fan of back-tracking, but certainly held my attention and has a pretty creepy atmosphere. On Steam I understand it's pretty good with VR.

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