Hardest/Most proud achievements
What is your most valued/cherished/proudest achievement you have unlocked on Xbox Huh

I think the hardest one I have unlocked is probably EXTREME SOLDIER on LOST PLANET (Xbox 360)
I completed Gears Of War on insane with a mate but it was local co-op on his Xbox before any of us had live. I was quite chuffed at the time.

I'd probably say completing Halo: Reach on legendary with the same friend.
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Halo 4 lone wolf legendary took quite a bit of time. Any or the hand full of Dark Souls ones I've got!
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I guess that would be sending the garden gnome into space in The Orange Box, just because it takes so long and took several attempts, esp anything involving me behind the wheel!
Otherwise I guess - because of the constraint of zero deaths allowed -I am the Night on Arkham Origins.
I was pretty proud when I got "If they came to hear me beg" on Halo Reach. Also the solo legendary achievement on that.
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Yeah Halo 3 solo probably, I never managed to do it on Reach
According to TA, finishing Afro Samurai on both difficulties is my top cheev. Wouldn't say its my #1 proudest but its definitely up there!
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If we're going by TA score then my hardest achievement is Unstoppable, in Project Spark. Which is for completing Void Storm without dying.
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I have too many to pick one specifically, but going from my TA score it's 12-Sided Die in Evolve (1,455 points). Considering 2K support gave me that, though, the best one I've actually earnt is Strings of Steel (658 points) for completing The Gunstringer in one sitting on hardcore difficulty without dying.
New York minute in Max Payne 3.
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