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Nintendo Switch
It would be monumentally stupid for Nintendo not to have Skyrim on the Switch after featuring it in the reveal trailer.
Nintendo stock dropped after the reveal, which pretty much sums things up.
Nintendo's refusal to comment on any of the details is worrying. The fact that Skyrim isn't even confirmed despite being shown off in the reveal trailer isn't a good message to sending out at all.
[Image: 14713561_10154463021370115_7250818651087...e=589CF26C]

Also there's a rumour the battery only lasts 3hrs, which for Ninty's sake shouldn't be true lol
Bloody Karen.
This may feature GameCube Virtual Console support, which would be excellent.
The Switch was demoed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Can't say it was a particularly good showing for the tablet, it looked markedly worse than on the big screen, though that probably has something to do with how they shot it and the constant glare.
(12-07-2016, 11:58 PM)PTC l1am Wrote: This may feature GameCube Virtual Console support, which would be excellent.

That would definitely make me consider buying one, it'd be great to play Paper Mario TTYD again, plus my boy loves Luigi's Mansion 2 on the 3DS.
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For those of you doing the sensible thing and actually sleeping this morning, allow me to present a little round-up of the headlines from the presentation:

[Image: 15972660_1039154816188319_61277608461197...e=58DADE6C]

Decent Jam

Pass the Controller
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Nintendo amaze me for all the wrong reasons. The Switch is underpowered and overpriced. Half the announced games are ports of Wii U games, and the Zelda game has literally been stolen away from the Wii U. The Wii U is now the only console in Nintendo history not to have an exclusive Zelda game or a main series Mario game (having two spinoffs instead).

No region lock is good, micro SD storage expansion is good. The concept is actually kind of a good idea but it remains to be seen if, like the Wii U, nobody actually makes a game that takes advantage of it. The timing of the presentation shows Nintendo's borderline contempt for the European market, how is 4am in any way acceptable?

I'm going to wait and see on the Switch. The concept is slightly stronger and there certainly isn't the level of confusion that heralded the Wii U. I'm just waiting for Nintendo to shoot themselves in the foot with their stubborn awkward lack of touch with the wider gaming audience. It's probably going to come in the form of agonisingly slow Virtual Console support, something Jim Sterling picked up on in one of his recent videos. Nintendo's biggest asset is their back catalogue and if they fail to push it hard, the weak line-up of games less than two months before release isn't going to sell them many units. At least Skyrim is confirmed, shame I've played it to death already.

Maybe my bitterness over buying a Wii U on promise of a new Zelda game that has been delayed for almost three years and the focus on overpriced, limited release Amiibo that lock game features has soured my relationship with a company that made a lot of my favourite games of all time. I hate to jump on the Nintendoomed bandwagon, but maybe Nintendo would be better off focusing on making great games instead of awkward gimmicks and backward-thinking online features.
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