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Nintendo Switch
I'm sure there's a reason Nintendo decided it was necessary to give 3D All Stars a September - March release window, but it still seems weird. Either way, the probability that scalpers will be grabbing all the copies they can convinced me to pre-order, even though I'm only really interesting in playing Sunshine and Galaxy.
It is a strange choice, though clearly working as both you and myself have pre-ordered.
The physical release I can understand, but it's the limited digital release I can't understand. Seriously, it's so utterly stupid, it's Nintendo. Because of that I might not bother grabbing a copy. Not like I don't own their original versions anyway.

On a side note: Why did Nintendo think it was a good idea to use the Google authentication app instead of text verification like Sony and Microsoft for two-step authentication? Had too reset my phone and now I'm locked out of my account, so yeah that's a bit of problem.

Edit: Belay that, found my back up codes I lost.
New Super Mario 3D World trailer shows off Bowser's Fury footage.

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