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Wonder if we'll see a load of slightly cartoony looking loot games announced in the run up to the release of Sea of Thieves lol.

What short gameplay shown looked quite fun. Walking animations looked a bit odd, and judging from that there's only two enemy designs (at least there was some cosmetic variety of Splicers trying to kill you lol).
So... Bioshock was released a decade ago and I feel VERY old!
Sequel highly unlikely, at least in short or medium term, but it is a brilliant game that I feel need to play again soon.
Development on the next BioShock has already started thanks to 2K's new studio, Cloud Chamber.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
Just heard about this; very happy! Although it is apparently “several years” away from release so may even miss Xbox Scarlett generation?
It’s actually been in development since 2017, they just had this new studio take over development now. BioShock’s one of my favourite series, despite Infinite being somewhat of a misstep in my opinion. Very excited!
I really did enjoy Infinite, but it shouldn't have been a Bioshock game. One because of course it completely lacked the famed aesthetic, and two because the plot got so damn pretentious it's just convoluted anything else they do now..

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