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Best Mods
Mods are in the news a lot at the moment, so here's a place to chat about them. What are everyone's favourite games to mod and also mods themselves. I'm expecting a fair few Skyrim suggestions here...
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I hear that the Long War mod for XCOM improves upon the vanilla in almost every way imaginable.
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My favourite mods are around Skyrim, have just started to test out some of the additional story content and have to say that some of them are immense, namely falskaar which is a riveting story, though I am finding it funny with the fact that EVERY NPC has a quest to give lol
Kingdoms Grand Campaign Mod for Medieval II Total War, can be found at Total War Centre. Another example of modders showing Creative Assembly what there game could have been.

Improves almost everything, from diplomacy, Campaign AI, Battle AI, taxation, economics, scripted events, adds more missions, more factions, more units, larger divisions, reworked graphics.... everything!

If your really lucky, you may also find a submod for it called Heroes, Hordes and Beyond - this is quite simply the very best TW experience you can get with famous real and fantasy heroes making appearances to lead your armies. Difficulty is also substantially improved, with no option of quit and reload.
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I was wondering if anyone know some cool Witcher 3 mods? (or maybe Witcher 1, that would be interesting to see)

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