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Final Fantasy VII Remake
This obviously the highlight of a pretty tame e3 for me personally.

A few concerns still linger... The first game is 2 discs... 2 whole discs of Midgar.

If Midgar is basically getting its own game it makes me wonder how the rest of the story will be split up.

Looking at the level of care that has gone into this and the detail... Makes me wonder... We're team members pulled off Ffxv to help out on VII... Ffxv was so sparse in quality content and world building especially... Yet this is oozing amotsphere and seems to be the most detailed final fantasy in a long time.

I've also read that the devs don't see each game being released any sooner than this one... So part one comes out next year... Does that mean part 2 will be 2023? And a possibly final part in 2026?

This is an optimistic time line at best... And in my honest opinion it's too long... Interest will wane long before the final game drops.

I don't see the point of playing a game knowing the next chapter is years away... I'd rather wait for a complete edition on the gen after next gen when the game will probably be completed.
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This has been delayed along with Marvel's Avengers.
Good news on both fronts. With that and all the Ubisoft catalogue being pushed back, hopefully more of the big games this year deliver.
Played the demo for this and rather enjoyed it. I don’t tend to do JRPGs and have never played a Final Fantasy game before, at least beyond other demos, but considering picking it up.

Some of the writing and voice acting is bad, as you’d likely expect, along with some clunky animations. I can overlook it though as I really enjoy the combat. Glad it isn’t turn-based any more as that’d be an immediate disqualifier for me.
I loved me some turn-based combat but after playing Pillars of Eternity 2, Final Fantasy XV and watching a little of the FF7 demo, I've 180'd on it. Turn-based combat can get in the bin and take un-skippable cutscenes with it.
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