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Mafia 3
I did get that impression from the footage I've seen, I didn't notice any real variation in missions, just a string of busy work that were more inline with GTA's side content.
So far, its pretty underwhelming. Looks like a large game world, just not sure if its going to keep my interest long enough to explore.
I've been enjoying it, the mission structure might be more than a little repetitive but you don't have to complete all objectives to move on to kill the racket boss. You can do a few and still have have done enough damage to lure him out. So I've been varying the way I go about luring them out.

I've noticed that police presence is quite non existent so far, though they are a little too easy to agro.

Has a great soundtrack too and some nice varied interiors.

From what I've played so far I'd say it's a solid 7/10
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Finished this now. On the good side, the story, writing and acting are some of the best I've seen in a long time.
Downside... everything else. Boring and repetitive missions, shockingly poor AI (I cleared so many places by hiding, whistling for attention and knocking out one dumb AI after another, which just wandered over despite the presence of a whole load of other bodies on the floor!) and a large number of bugs. Annoyingly I was close to finishing off all side quests, which would have given another two achievements, only for all my stats with the underbosses to disappear along with cash and everything else.
I may replay it next year if they fix the game (seems to be a fair few similar complaints) but it really is a monotonous mess. 6/10 for the game but mainly thats for the writers... the game mechanics would get a minus if possible. The writers really did deserve a better developer!
Digital version of Mafia Trilogy out now, physical version - and the Mafia remake - coming later this summer.
The Mafia 3 update may give me the push to download it again and see if I can finish it. I didn't think it was a bad game, just not as good as the second one.
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Been making my way through Mafia 2 and it certainly is not as good as I recall. To be fair, after ten years, very few games are! Still worth playing though if missed it first time around.
Mafia: Definitive Edition delayed until September.
Ah, fair enough! Quite looking forward to playing it as never have before. Hopefully not a Vain hope that better than 2 and 3...

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