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Pikmin 4
So Pikmin 4 was announced today and is apparently nearly finished. That puts it in an odd place, being too early for NX and too late to do anything for the Wii U. In the past Nintendo have said the series won't go handheld as the control scheme just wouldn't translate (I'd argue touch control is a perfect fit), but perhaps with the New 3DS' dual analogue setup it could be time for that to change?

Anybody else love this series like I do? 3 was almost enough to tempt me into getting a Wii U and 4 would definitely make me upgrade to a New 3DS, or seriously consider a launch NX if it were to be on there.
I loved the first on the GC & bought both 1 & 2 re-releases on the Wii.
GT: HugeHypnoToad
1 and 2 were brilliant on GC. 3 is a good game no doubt, but its far too casual with not enough pikmin types (most were removed for 3) Have been told this is Wii U but that is not 100%. Its bad enough trying to play Pikmin 3 on the gamepad screen, never mind a DS.....soooooo small and it makes my eyes hurt, would hate it on a handheld (But you all know I despise handhelds so that's hardly news worthy haha)

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