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Far Cry
Thus far I've played 2-3 hours and I really like it.  Of course I've never really played the series (I've watched Mrs. Squirrel play 3 & 4, and she just now started Primal, after having owned it for nearly a year.)  I did try playing 2 waaay back in the day, but at the time I never really got into it.  One of my biggest issues with games like this is I'm used to shooters (CoD, to a lesser extent BF) and often the shooting controls feel different (at least to me) than what I'm used to.  Thankfully that isn't the case here.  Add to that it's set in somewhere I'm familiar with and seems plausible to me (well, haha, to at least some extent I mean) and thus far I'm hooked.  Being able to co-op with Mrs. Squirrel or my friends was a big selling point, too.

I agree that it appears to be 'more of the same' as the least from what I've seen when watching the wife play...but it's still mostly new to me plus it's pretty beautiful on the X.   Smile
If you’re new to the series - at least in terms of physically getting your hands on it - I can definitely see you having a fantastic time with FC5. I was hooked on FC3, after all, it’s just that it began to drag a little towards the end (thanks to the infamous curveball) and everything that’s followed thus far has done nothing to mix things up and change that.
I really enjoyed Primal, definitely my favourite of the series so far.

I'm not too bothered about the main game, but the Far Cry 5 editor looks quite fun. I expect we'll see some impressive maps/levels/game modes come out of it soon.
Agree with Sam. I’ve just finished the story and it’s fun whilst it lasts but it’s not different enough from the others. I had wondered if they would address the cult of religion but they don’t. Probably unsurprising!
Fun game and things go wrong quite quickly when in a fire fight and a pack of wolves come along to make everything so much worse...
i probaly should have waited but I really wanted the steel case edition!
Ubisoft have teased the next Far Cry game, worldwide reveal taking place at The Game Awards.
Just remaster 2.
Direct sequel to 5 perhaps?
Yep! Far Cry New Dawn is indeed sequel to FC5, set 17 years later. Will undoubtedly pick this up at some point.
Looks very RAGE 2, which I'll be playing instead. I've pretty much abstained from Far Cry since they took the excellent reworked formula of 3 and copy/pasted it so many times that I now find it crushingly dull.
‘Tis Carlo Esposito as the bad guy in next instalment. Sure structure will be the same old, same old, but at least they have a great actor for the antagonist.

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