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Battlefield series
Really did not like the BFV beta, went back to BF1 to check I wasn't imagining things - looks like I'll be skipping this one.

Shame, a return to WW2 sounded promising but honestly, thought it felt like a CoD/Fortnight/PC-trend chasing mess.
GT: HugeHypnoToad
I enjoyed what I played of it, but I would possibly say it feels a bit too frantic and fast paced, and while it looked fantastic there were various bits where the game was showing off its sunglare effects so damn much it was intrusive to actually seeing the enemy (realistic yes, fun no).

I was peeved off yesterday when they announced the 'Valentine AA' for the game, no such vehicle ever existed so to add to their dubious historical attitude they're straight up making things up now.

Speaking of which, after all their diversity talk it's a bit cheeky that the default Axis squad is all white men, surely there should be a Japanese girl there Tongue
Lol so this is interesting, after their calling people who objected to women being fictionally added in large numbers being uneducated - they've added in fictional racism, with the French campaign being about a black unit being abused (when actually the French had quite inclusive/equal colonial troop units compared to most).

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