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Xbox end of year review

My hours played put me in the top 5% (1561, the average was 368)

Also somehow my gamerscore and achievements earned puts me in the top 1%, shows how few people complete games I guess.

Also big surprise, my most played game is... World of Tanks!
My hours put me in the top 5% too (2598, I really should get out more. Or at all. Even just once).

My gamerscore (14,115) and achievements (582) also put me in the top 1%.

My most played game was project spark.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
1418 hours played

1326 achievements unlocked for 33354G

Most played game is SMITE

All sounds about right.
483 hours
440 achievements unlocked for 7055 gamerscore.
Most played Mortal Kombat X - not surprised by that.
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[Image: MakkaMan27.png]
Erm, far too many hours played! Gamerscore increase by 28,668 with Witcher 3 my most played game. No shocks on that last one at any rate! Definitely my game of the year although have barely touched Fallout 4.
Says they cant find any user data for me, but it signs into my profile. I obviously am not cool enough Sad
Interesting stats. 474 hours and 15,255GS from 724 achievements. Most played game was Titanfall which, for someone usually found in SP games is quite something O.o
[Image: oj4dqa.jpg]

[Image: Chameleon1977.png]
3708 hours which places me in Top 1%
14967 Gamerscore since January
Top 1% for Gamerscore
Most played game was Fifa 15
Most played GwG title Pool Nation
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1,617 hours played, isn't that much when there's 8,064 hours in a year according to my estimation
Unlocked 1,405 achievements for 27,885 Gamerscore since January
Most played game GTA V
Most played GwG title Castlestorm, surprised by that as I don't even remember playing it that much.
Top 5% of all Xbox players worldwide for gaming hours
Also in the top 1% for both achievements and gamerscore
[Image: DE4N+MUFC.png]
2348 hours spent playing. Top 5%

1125 achievements unlocked for 19400 GS. Top 1%

Most played game was Witcher 3.

Most played GwG title is Pool NationFX.

The only surprising stat is the hours spent playing, I thought it would be higher than that. Oh well, another year well spent. Tongue

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